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Safe Use of Social Media

I just wanted to bring to your attention a very concerning new 'game' which is out at the moment and follows the older 'blue whale' trend of a few years back.  The game involves an avatar called 'Momo' - a very frightening female character. We have taken the decision not to publish an image of 'Momo' as it will be upsetting for our children.


The PSNI are concerned about how the game conceals itself within other harmless looking games played by children. The game has been reported on Youtube, despite parent restrictions normally put in place.


When downloaded, the character will tell your child to talk to them through WhatsApp and a number of other commonly used apps like TikTok, and Snapchat to complete challenges. 'Momo' then tells your child to self-harm or she will put a curse on them.


We would ask that you be extra vigilant of the content your child is viewing online. Remember we shared with you the age appropriate limits as a guideline for using apps and online services.


We are only too happy to offer you additional support at school if you have any queries relating to this. Please contact Mr Murray or Mrs Dempsey directly.