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⚽️🏐🥅 Coaching Sessions 🥅🏐⚽️

We are delighted to be able to offer coaching sessions to our children from IFA, Burns Soccer School and Ulster GAA. The sessions which will take place in class bubbles will begin on the following dates:


⚽️ Monday 21st September ~ IFA 

Soccer coaching for pupils in P5, P6, P6/7, P7 & LSC4.


⚽️ Thursday 24th September ~ Ulster GAA 

Gaelic coaching for pupils in P2/3, P3, LSC3, P4, P4/5 & Nurture.


⚽️ Wednesday 7th October ~ Burns Soccer School 

Fundamental movement skills for pupils in P1A, P1B, P2, LSC1 & LSC2.


In addition to the coaching sessions, each child will have another PE Day. Please see the timetable below for your child’s updated PE Day and Coaching Session. PE uniform should be worn on both days.