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World Around Us

Us scientists were very busy during Science Week this week! We investigated the power of magnets, we observed how different seeds germinate in the 'Germination in a Bag' experiment. We carried out an experiment called 'Magic Milk' and we designed our P2 planter box and got to work learning how to plant flowers.

We have been participating in the Young Enterprise Foundation programme 'Ourselves' and have been learning all about saving money. We read a story called 'The Adventure Playground' and it was all about a group of children who worked together to save money for a new playground for their school. This took a lot of time and patience, but it was worth it in the end. In Primary 2, we put on our own 'cake sale', we worked together and took our time to colour in lots of cakes and buns and got all 30 of our special golden stars, which meant we got a very special treat!

We learned lots of new things during 'Fairtrade Fortnight' and how buying fairtrade items in the shops can help farmers in different countries make a fair amount of money for their coffee, bananas and chocolate. We followed a recipe for fairtrade banana muffins and they were delicious!

Handa's Surprise - Fruit Taste Testing!

As part of our 'All About People' topic, we read the story 'Handa's Surprise'. We predicted where in the world the story might be set and what might happen throughout our story. by studying the front cover We then tried some exotic fruits from the story and sorted them depending on whether we liked the fruit or not. The children all loved pineapple and mango, but we found out that Primary 2 A are not massive fans of avocado!

Santa has upgraded his sleigh this year with a little help from P2A!

In the lead up to Christmas, the children designed a new sleigh for Santa and then built their new sleigh design using different construction materials. 


"My sleigh has a bed in the back for Santa to have a nap" - Kaiden

"My sleigh has extra room in the back for more presents" - Nancy

"My sleigh can turn into a super-fast plane" - Bronte


Santa would be very lucky to have one of these new sleighs!

Lighting Up Our Classroom!

This activity was a huge hit in P2 and it was lovely to see the children working together to build a simple electrical circuit!

We took part in an exciting 'eggs'periment - The Result!

The results of our egg experiment are in! Over the course of the week, the children enjoyed observing our two eggs and noticed that the egg soaked in vinegar was bubbling and the shell was gradually changing colour.


We took the eggs out of their liquid and put them onto a plate. Nothing had happened to our egg in water and the children predicted that if we dropped this egg onto the plate then it would crack open!


However, when we felt the egg soaked in vinegar we noticed that the shell had dissolved and the inside was now squishy. So the children predicted that if we dropped this egg from a low height that it would bounce!


They were correct! This was an 'eggcellent' experiment!

We took part in an exciting 'eggs'periment - The Fair Test and Prediction!

This week we took part in an experiment! Firstly, we predicted what might happen if we put an egg in a cup of vinegar and drew a picture of our individual prediction. Then, we took part in the experiment by placing one egg in a cup of vinegar and one in a cup of water...and now we wait! We can't wait to find out what happens to the egg!

Let's Get Moving!

We started our new World Around Us topic 'Let's Get Moving' by talking about the different ways non-living things can move! Firstly, we are looking at how items can bounce and roll. We found lots of classroom items and predicted whether they would bounce, roll or do both. We went outside and discovered how these items moved for ourselves before sorting our findings onto a Venn Diagram! 

We Took Part in a Worm Charming Championship!

This week we read the story 'Yucky Worms' and learned lots of new facts about earthworms and where they live! Did you know that worms do not have eyes so they cannot see? Instead, they feel using things called vibrations! When it rains, they come above ground to find yummy things to eat and then they pull the food back underground. Birds trick worms by stamping on the ground and the worms think the vibrations are rain and they come to the surface to be eaten. You can also trick worms by watering the ground so they think it is this is exactly what we did! We gathered different musical instruments, watering cans and used our feet and hands to make vibrations to see if any worms would come to the surface. We had so much fun and learned lots of different facts about worms!

Someone Swallowed Stanley!

This week in World Around Us, we read the story 'Someone Swallowed Stanley' and spoke about the importance of throwing our rubbish in a bin and discussed the bad things that can happen when people litter on the ground. Primary 2 knows that when we do not throw our rubbish in the bin, then the rubbish ends up in our Oceans and impacts how our animals feel. The story had a happy ending though because the plastic bag that Stanley the turtle swallowed was recycled into a kite and this is another way we can help save our environment! To do our bit for the environment, we used litter pickers during break and lunch to help keep our school clean!

How to Plant a Seed

This week in Literacy we read the story 'The Enormous Turnip'. In World Around Us we learned about flowers and plants and discussed what they need to grow and survive. We then decided to take our learning outside and plant our very own seeds to take care of. It is our responsibility to water our plants and give them what they need and we are so excited to watch them grow!

Living and Non-Living Things!

Our P2 World Around Us topic this term is 'Fairytales and Living Things'. This week, we have been learning all about living and non-living things and how they differ. We went on a walk around the school and spotted so many different living and non-living things at St. Colmcille's. The living things we found included a beautiful butterfly and tall, green trees. The non-living things we found were schoolbags in the corridors and a super slide in the Pirate Ship! 


P2A are now spotting living and non-living things all around them!