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🌡 Which textile holds in heat the best? 🌡

We did an experiment to see which textile was the best insulator. Each group had a cup of water and a textile to use as an insulator. We used a thermometer to check the temperature of the water in each cup before we started and then re-checked the temperature after a while to see which cup of water had held it’s heat the best. 

🎽Textiles Research🏐

As our topic this term is Textiles, we have been chatting about different textile companies that are based in Ireland. We did some research on Bourke Sports and O’Neills using iPads. After, we made some Pic Collage posters to show some of the facts we found.

🌍 Textiles: Where do they come from? 🌍

This term our topic is Textiles. We have been looking at different kinds of textiles and where they come from. This week we had a quiz to see if we could guess where different textiles brands are based. Each team had a map and we marked where we thought the textile brand was from.