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Meet the Staff


Mr Stephen Austin


Vice Principal

Mrs Marianne Dempsey


Senior Leadership Team
Miss Maria Blaney

Mrs Christine Rooney

Mr Ciaran Clifford


Senior Clerical Officer

Miss Lee Magee


Building Supervisor

Mr Brian Tweedie


Teaching Staff

P1A: Miss Blaney

P1B: Miss Vaughan

P2: Mrs Cassidy

P2/3: Miss O'Neill

P3: Miss Wilson

P4: Mr Clifford

P4/5: Mrs Curran/ Miss Barbour

P5: Mr Harbinson

P6: Mr Gray

P6/7: Mrs O'Dowd/ Mr Lyttle

P7: Mr McKernan

LSC 1: Mrs Rooney

LSC 2: Mrs McMullan

LSC 3: Mrs Morgan

LSC 4: Mr McReynolds

Nurture Group: Mrs Mussen

Learning Support: Mrs Dempsey


Classroom Assistants

Mrs Jackson

Mrs Oakes

Mrs Sloan

Miss Mullan

Miss Gracey

Mrs Greene

Mrs Caldwell

Mrs Hanna

Miss O’Kane

Miss McGeown

Mrs Phillips

Mrs Irvine

Mr Craig

Miss Sinclair

Miss McGeown

Mrs Teggart

Mrs McKee

Mr McKelvey

Mrs Dean

Miss McCrink

Mrs McShane

Miss McCartan

Mrs Mageean

Mrs Jennings

Mrs Flanagan

Miss Kelly

Mrs Curran

Miss Smith

Miss O’Hare

Mrs Corrigan

Miss McNeill


Speech and Language Therapy Assistant

Mrs Crispi


Kitchen Staff

Mrs Mc Grath

Mrs Baker

Mrs Rooney

Miss Wade

Miss Drake


Lunchtime Supervisors

Mr Tweedie

Miss Mc Auley

Mrs Andrews


Cleaning Staff

Mr Tweedie

Mrs Andrews

Ms Sinclair

Mrs Baker

Mrs Brownfoot


Crossing Patrol Supervisor

Mr E Murray