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P3 worked in teams to plan and build an eco-friendly home using junk! I think you will agree they did an amazing job! The homes all had solar panels, wind turbines, somewhere to collect rain water and a place to grow your own vegetables!

P3 made parachutes to put Gravity to the test!

P3 have been learning about star constellations. Today they re-created their favorites using marshmallows and spaghetti!

P3 used Oreo biscuits to learn about the phases of the moon! This was our tastiest lesson yet!

P3 worked in teams to create a soundscape of what the moon landing may have sounded like! Then we performed them in front of the class and they gave us two stars and a wish for feedback!

P3 completed their first challenge for our new WAU topic, ‘Space!’ They had to work together to order the planets from largest to smallest! We then worked together to name them all!

P3 discovered how clouds produce rain in this awesome experiment!

As part of our topic on toys P3 worked in teams to design a car and ramp. They had to combine their knowledge, skills and problem solve to create designs that would make their car go the furthest! Well done to our winning team but I think you will agree they all did a fabulous job!

P3 became scientists today and experimented with hot and cold water!

P3 decided to use some old milk bottles to collect rain water to water our sunflowers which we are growing in class. A great way to recycle and save water!

We have been learning all about the water cycle as part of our topic, ‘Water!’ We made these plates to show of our learning!

P3 had great fun completing experiments and challenges as part of our topic, ‘Water’ during remote learning!

We described different smelling pots to our partners to help them guess the smell! We enjoyed some smells more than others!

We had to use our senses of touch and sight to describe our item and find it's match in the class! This was an exciting way to develop our vocabulary!

We used our knowledge of sounds and syllables as well as our sense of smell to match the scent to the right name and picture!

Primary 3 did a fantastic job designing their own glasses as part of our WAU topic, ‘Our Senses.’