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Friday 14th January

As part of our new topic ‘Polar Regions and Polar Animals’ the children have been learning about the Inuit people who live in the Arctic and how they survive in the cold and harsh environment. We have learned that these people make and live in their own igloos; so as part of our learning this week the pupils got the opportunity to make their own Igloos using paper plates, paper bowls and marshmallows. This STEAM activity incorporated many different skills from the pupils but it was extremely fun and engaging which the pupils really enjoyed.

Friday 3rd December

The Primary 4 class enjoyed a trip to the local Down Museum to learn more about Toys from the Past exhibition ad part of their current topic ‘Celebrations’. Pupils got the opportunity to learn about and play with toys from Victorian Times, during WW2 and the 1960’s and found that toys and games were much simpler back then but provided just as much fun. The pupils then participated in some Arts and Crafts that replicated ideas from the past before exploring other areas of the museum; including local at areas of local history about St. Patrick and the old jail cells within the museum. A great trip was had by all pupils and a lovely way to finish off the week.

Friday 15th November


As part of our Outdoor Learning experiences in Primary 4, we have been wrapping up and getting out and about in this lovely mild but fresh weather to continue learning in our excellent school grounds. This week we have been working on promoting talking about our feelings and emotions through our PDMU lessons; in particular we have been working on the importance of feeling happy and the importance of feeing happy about ourselves. We then used natural resources from the Earth that we could find on our school grounds to make our Happy Faces. It was excellent fun making our faces while emphasising a very important lesson.

Friday 8th October


As part of our WAU topic of Healthy Lifestyles we have been focusing in on Finnebrogue Artisan - a local factory that produces a range of food including healthy and vegetarian ranges. The pupils have been finding out all about the different products that are made in the factory and what happens when they are made I.e. how they are transported and delivered out to the shops in the UK including Tesco’s and Asda. On Friday we had our own tasting session where the pupils had the opportunity to taste the different products that Finnebrogue produce and we tied this lesson into our Numeracy work where we tallied our preference and bar charts with the results we collected. It was definitely and fun and delicious Friday 👍

Tuesday 28th September 



The Primary 4 class were very lucky today to be able to participate in a STEAM workshop provided by Farrens Construction and Engineering and Science Starz. The pupils were asked to plan, design and build either a ship or a bridge; from this the pupils had to test their ships in water to see whether they floated and if they were able to carry weights whereas the pupils who had to build bridges had to test whether their designs could stand alone and if they could bear any weight before collapsing. The pupils were supplied with a range of different materials and really had to use their imaginative and creative minds in order to produce a final piece of work.Everyone had great fun and really enjoyed working together in groups to complete their set tasks! We thank Farrens Construction and Science Starz for coming into our class and running this workshop for us.