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Chester’s Challenge Week 3

The children took part in their final instalment of Chester’s Challenge. The children were learning about the traffic light system on foods while discovering how much sugar is in their favourite sugary drinks. The children were also guided through how to help relax their body before they go to bed with reducing screen time and getting the most appropriate amount of sleep. The children have been very engaging over the past three weeks and have taken on board the key messages being delivered. 

Chester’s Challenge

This week on Chester’s Challenge the children were up and moving and mimicking monkey moves and exploring the different ways in which they can move their body. The were guided through how many hours of physical activity they need to participate in during the week and why it is important to keep up muscle and strengthening exercises. Next week they will learn all about the importance of reducing screen time and why sleep is so important. 

Children moving around like Chester and Hartley

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More monkey movements

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WALT: creat a jumping game using scratch

Georgia playing her new game on scratch

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WALT: create an invention to solve an environmental problem

The boys and girls were guided through the issues of ‘The Great Pacific Garbage Patch’ where tonnes of rubbish is floating around the oceans. The children were tasked with having to use their creative imagination and create an invention that would help clean the Earth’s oceans. They then had the opportunity to present their ideas to the rest of the class. We had some wonderful presentations from Michael, Hannah, Nevaeh. The presenting skills of the children to outline different areas of their inventions were brilliant. 

Inventors and Inventions 

We have started our new topic this term all about inventors and inventions. We started the topic of with our KWL chart and discussed what we know about inventors and inventions. We then used iPads to research inventors from the past and those in the present era. We have found out some wonderful facts from inventors who lived locally. Seamus discovered that Sir James Martin from Crossgar invented the ejector seat while Mia discovered that Sir Ian Sloane invented milk chocolate who comes from Killyleah.

Chester’s Challenge - Healthy Eating

This week the children were treated to a wonderful workshop from the NI Chest, Heart and Stroke Charity. They were educating the children on the EatWell Guide and how much of each food category we should be consuming each week. They also got a shock as to how much sugar is in some of treats that we have on a daily basis. Next week we are getting active and going to get moving and learn how we can keep active throughout the day and how much physical activity we need each day.