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P3/4 started their new topic, 'Health is Wealth' this week. We had a class discussion about what we already know, would like to learn and how we would like to learn about it. We also tired a variety of fruit and healthy snacks and took part in a super daily mile to celebrate our new topic! P3/4 loved the melon and pinneapple but were not as sure about the hummus and carrot!

P3/4 were very excited to make their own traditional Christmas decoration. Thank you Mrs and Mr Hanna who gifted our class these lovely wooden snowmen! What a precious gift.

P3/4 had a fabulous time at the Down County Museum! They got to explore Christmas toys and traditions from the past and even got to play with with them! They also had a very informative tour around the museum!

P3/4 enjoyed a special trip to Exploris Aquarium in Portaferry. During the visit they had a guided a tour from an Aquarist who told them all about the animals that can be found in Strangford Lough and Irish waters such as pollock, spider crabs and octopus. P3/4 even had the opportunity to hold and feel some in the touch tank. They also got to see some more tropical marine life including puffer fish and sharks! A firm favourite of the class however was the Seal Sanctuary. They spotted a seal with facial injuries and learnt that his name was Neptune and that he had been struck by a boat. P3/4 were very touched by his story and decided to adopt him to help pay for his care and recovery. They will be receiving pictures and regular updates about him and his recovery in the Seal Sanctuary.

P3/4 were very lucky to have Moya Laird, an avid sea swimmer and the nanny of Chloe in our class come to visit us to tell us all about her hobby. She explained to us how she prepares for her swims and all the measures she takes to ensure she stays safe in the open water. She also showed us the special clothing she wears when she comes out of the water to get warm again. P3/4 really enjoyed finding out all about sea swimming, they particularly loved hearing about the special seal that sometimes says hello to Moya in the water around Killough.

P3/4 have been learning about plastic pollution in our oceans and the impact it is having. We decided to use the app, 'Spark Post' to create posters to encourage people to stop using single use plastic and clean up our oceans.

P3/4 had their first trip to Tyrella beach as part of their topic, 'Ocean Deep!' They completed a beach clean up, mindfulness walk to take in all the local flora and fauna and even took part in a sandcastle building competition!

A big thank you to Farrans and St Colmcille's parent, Clara Burns for putting on a, 'Science Starz' workshop for P3/4! They had a great time becoming engineers for the day and building boats. We loved testing how much weight our boats could hold!

P3/4 made jellyfish suncatchers when learning about the types of jellyfish we find along the Irish coastline.

We made an editable Jelly Fish to introduce our new topic, 'Ocean Deep!' We think it looks like a lions mane, but thankfully no one got stung! We also had a lovely discussion about all the things we know about our oceans, what we might like to find out and how we would like to learn about it!