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The World Around Us

Science Week! We investigated how to make an egg float. We discovered that if you add salt to water it makes an egg float! We had great fun carrying out this experiment.

Primary 3 had a great day exploring Armagh Planetarium as part of our new topic on ‘Space’. They had the opportunity to watch a fantastic interactive show under the dome, taking in journeys around the solar system and the stars. They then explored the various displays on show and even got to touch a piece of ancient history; a real meteorite! We concluded our trip by making our own space rockets from junk materials and had a go ourselves at launching these into Space. 🌎☄️💫🪐🚀

Measuring the weather! This week we made rain guages and recorded the temperature outside over the week!

On Thursday we had the opportunity to participate in investigations with ‘Science Starz.’ We enjoyed learning all about weather and ‘The Water Cycle’ and we then got to carry out our own experiment! As you can see we all had great fun!

Waterproof Investigation! We loved carrying out an experiment to see which materials would keep a gingerbread man the driest. We thought carefully about how to make it a fair test. We came up with great suggestions about securing the material around the beaker and the amount of water we would use! 🙂

Today we had great fun making bird feeders to help feed the birds during the Winter months and to encourage more birds to our school grounds before the RSPB Big Bird Watch!

Our Trip to Down County Museum! We had a fantastic day learning all about toys for the past. We learnt so much about toys from the 1800’s as well as the toys children played with during the war.

As part of the work we are completing on our sense of touch we enjoyed playing ‘Guess what’s inside the freely box’ and ‘match the textures’. We also spent time exploring how our names would be written in Braille.

Our Senses - This week we enjoyed exploring sound!