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Social + Emotional Wellbeing

Baking John’s Birthday cake!🎂🥳

A sad, happy, exciting and proud moment as we say goodbye to our three brilliant boys who have reintegrated back to their base-class. We will miss you so much! Three superstars⭐️⭐️⭐️

Baking brownies! Developing our sharing, turn taking and good listening skills!🍫👂

Emotion of the week: Sadness☹️☹️ How might sadness look?

Making a hedgehog hibernation home🍂🦔

Tuck shop day!!🍬🍦🍫🍿

Goodbye to our fabulous 3 boys reintegrating into their mainstream class… Party time!!🥳🎉🎁🎈

Conall taught us all about the pond and how to take care of the fish🐟🐠💧

Sharing is Caring🤝 Baking a giant cookie to share🍪😍

Letting our worries and anger float away with bubbles💭💭💭

Baking Brownies🍫😍 with autumn icing!

Chocolate banana baking🍫🍌

We researched and found out that bananas can help improve our mood and make us feel happier - wow! We decided to use bananas in our baking this week🍌🍌🍌

Actions have consequences: Role play🎭

Using kind words

Today we read the story ‘A Wrinkled Heart’ by Tracy Hoexter. Every time someone was mean to Elliott, we wrinkled and scrunched our paper hearts. When someone apologised and showed kindness, we tried to smooth our paper heart out. Even though we had tried our best to smooth our hearts, there were still wrinkles there when compared to a paper heart that had never been wrinkled.

We considered that when a heart gets wrinkled and hurt, it can be ‘smoothed out’ again, however some of the wrinkles will still be there. To avoid this, we should think carefully before we speak, to make sure we do not accidently hurt someone.

Our first week in Nurture!

We had a super first week in Nurture group with Miss McCaughey and Mrs Oakes. We got to explore lots of new games and play equipment in our classroom, and built on our teamwork skills while baking some delicious treats, making play dough, and painting our rock buddies. We familiarised ourselves with the rules and expectations, and can’t wait to dive into the reward box! We all settled back into our classroom routines and are ready to work (and play!) hard this year. Roll on another fab week!👍🏽📚