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💭 Conflict Resolution on Minecraft 💭

We have been building worlds on Minecraft. During these sessions we sometimes have arguments over which character gets certain materials or if a characters takes something from another. We decided to look at ways we could resolve these arguments by working together, sharing resources and helping each other build in our online world. 

👩🏼 “I don’t like when others steal my supplies on Minecraft. We had to work together on the build battle and share the materials.” -Maria 

⭐️ Catholic Schools Week 2022 ⭐️
This week we celebrated Catholic Schools Week. This year’s theme is Catholic Schools: Living Life to the full. We completed a number of activities throughout the week including making gratitude boxes, writing poems, discussing climate change and how we can show love. 

⭐️ Chester’s Challenge ⭐️
We are very lucky to be taking part in Chester’s Challenge with Chest, Heart and Stroke NI. This week we learned about healthy eating and how we can fuel our bodies properly with the best food. We used devices to answer quiz questions. Next week we are focusing on exercise. 


Here are some of the things we learned 💭

👩🏼”Dairy products give us calcium but some people are allergic and need alternatives to help them.” - Katie 

👩🏽 “Doughnuts have 5 teaspoons of sugar in them but they are fried in oil and that means they have a lot of fat.” -Mia 

🎄 Community Christmas Cards 🎄

We made Christmas cards for local people in our community. Social Services called and collected the cards from the school office to deliver to different people in our local community this Christmas. 🥰

✨ 1500th Anniversary of St Colmcille ✨

On the 7th December we celebrated the 1500th anniversary of St. Colmcille. We celebrated by watching a special online mass and completed activities about St Colmcille. Our favourite activity was the stain glass windows we created for our classroom, they look so pretty in the sun. 

👫 Teamwork Games 👫

We have been working on our teamwork skills as a group. We played some games with a hula hoop that focused on communication, concentration and working with others.