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😊 Friends of Resilience 😊

Today marked the end of the 6 week programme with Nikki. The children picked up some valuable techniques and strategies such as milkshake breathing, finger breathing and how to deal with useful and up useful thoughts. The final week saw children having to use their problem solving skills to create an object. The children were all given the same materials and they all managed to create their own unique object. The idea was to show children that we can fave the same problem but tackle it in a different way. 

🤝 Friends of Resilience 🤝


Today Friday 25th March P6 started their work with the Friends of Resilience programme that will be taking place for the next 6 weeks. It was a great and very enjoyable start to the programme. They discussed some very important issues, with the main focus being on how they can work together as a team. Including drawing up some group guidelines to follow. They recognised their strengths and how important it is to appreciate the positive aspects of their lives 💫

WALT: understand how the 10th commandment is connected to the web of life and how everything is connected.

RSE: WALT: understand the qualities we look for in friends

The children took part in an RSE lesson about the qualities the find in their friends and what makes a good friend. The children had the opportunity to write kind words in each other’s ‘Bucket Full of Kindness’. The children really enjoyed this task and were really focused on writing kind words about their friends and classmates. 

Making St. Brigid’s Day Crosses

Catholic Schools Week

This week the children have been enjoying activities based around the theme of ‘Living Life to the Full’. They have took part in mass, learning to be grateful for simple everyday things they use and have day to day. We also had the opportunity to focus on our grandparents and write them a letter explaining why they are so special and important to us. The children took the time to make a ‘gratitude box’ and have been writing what they are grateful for each day and adding to it.

WALT: describe how others feel using emotional vocabulary 

The children listened to a social story from the CCEA PDMU curriculum and were able to answer questions for understanding how others feel in a situation. The children were each given a character from the story and had to think about the person’s emotions before, during and days after the accident. They drew an emotion spiral to write down their emotional vocabulary and then shared with the rest of the class. Children were able to give reasons for their choice of emotion and were able to relate it back to certain situations in the story while also inferring and predicting of how the characters would feel after the accident. We also have different groups of children who take part in social board games to help promote positive talking to friends and how to help build friendships with one another.