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P7B - Mr Lyttle

Although it’s not time to say “goodbye” quite yet, we took the opportunity on Friday (17th June) to gather as a year group one final time for the 2022 Leavers’ Assembly. It was a lovely day which gave us all the opportunity to share our fondest memories of our time in St. Colmcille’s, showcase some of our many talents and celebrate the importance of friendship. Well done Class of 2022 and best of luck for the next stage of your journey!

Patrician Youth Club Transition Workshop.

Primary 7 pupils from 7A, 7B and LSC4 were invited to Patrician Youth Centre on Wednesday to take part in a Transition Workshop as we continue to prepare for our exciting journey into further education. Everybody had a brilliant time taking part in interactive activities and fun games. Thank you to Yvonne, Richard and Mark from being so welcoming.

World Ocean Day.

Wednesday 8th of June was World Ocean Day. 7B spent the day carrying out research on the importance of oceans and the wider environment and how we can act to protect them. 7B then created some fantastic posters containing lots of facts, figures and colour to highlight the importance of the event.

Still life artwork.

We had our artist hats on today as we were lucky to be joined today by Mrs Keenan who demonstrated to us how to create a still life drawing before we had a go at creating a few ourselves. 

50p Friday - 27.05.22

Confirmation preparations.

As part of Primary 7’s preparations for receiving the sacrament of Confirmation, they have been taking part in several Pre-confirmation workshops. Each Wednesday in May, pupils have been exploring the sacrament of Confirmation through the fantastic Youth Initiatives workshop. In these workshops, the pupils have been taking part in exciting practical games and activities to help them prepare. 

Futhermore, Fr Murray visited P7s today ahead of their confirmation next week, to explore some of the key themes in their learning and answer any questions that the pupils had.  


Have a look below at some photos of these workshops. 

Thanks to Fr Murray and Youth Initiatives for providing so much assistance in helping the pupils prepare for receiving the sacrament of confirmation.

Friday, May 6th, marked Rights Day. 7B spent the day discussing what it means to have rights and the differences between wants and needs. We also looked at the United Nations Convention of the Rights of the Child and how it impacts and protects us. We discussed how we, as a class, could raise awareness of the rights we have and how we could make others aware of those rights.

Youth Initiatives Confirmation workshop.

As we continue to prepare for our sacrament of Confirmation, we were joined today by Youth Initiatives who will be joining us over the next few weeks to explain to us the importance of taking part in Confirmation and explained how we can best prepare for this important occasion. 

Digital Schoolhouse Programme. St. Malachy’s High School Castlewellan (04.05.22)

Today we were welcomed to St. Malachy’s High School in Castlewellan to take part in the Digital Schoolhouse Programme. This interactive workshop provided us with a greater understanding of how the technology and I.C.T programmes we use on a daily basis work. We explored how a computer is constructed as well as the components it contains and learned how an algorithm works before we tested tested our ability to give instructions as well as follow instructions in the same way a computer does.

50p Friday. 28.04.22

We were lucky to have a visit from our friends at Mabel’s Ice Cream Parlour who brought up some yummy treats for 50p Friday.

Thursday 28th April marked the 10th birthday of the Daily Mile. The Daily Mile has proven to be an excellent way to raise awareness of the importance of outdoor physical activity on our social and emotional well-being. At St. Colmcille’s we are lucky to have an excellent Daily Mile track which we love to make good use of. Today P7A and P7B took the opportunity to celebrate the occasion by taking P1A and P1B out to the track for some fun exercise and integration. We had a fantastic day and received certificates, and some trendy t-shirts, to mark the occasion. 

Our PTFA organised another fantastic day filled with lots of fun and treats to celebrate Easter. We had tractor rides, a pop up farm and took part in a scavenger hunt. A fantastic day was had by all. A big thank you to everyone who helped organise the day.

7B collecting their Easter prizes!

Still image for this video
7B solved a number of riddles and took part in a scavenger hunt to earn themselves an Easter prize.

Autism Appreciation Day

Saturday 2nd April marks the celebration of Autism Appreciation Day. To celebrate this week 7B carried out some research on famous people and well known figures who have autism and were surprised to find how many talented musicians, actors, scientists and entrepreneurs had autism. We also spent this week talking about how we are all unique and have certain talents and skills which help us during times we find difficult.

Friday concluded our Science Week celebrations. 7B took part in various scientific investigations which included exploring the effects of exercise on the human body, exploring the water contents in our food and investigating which substances would and would not dissolve in water. 7B decided as a group which variables needed to remain the same in our investigations in order to ensure a fair test as well as how to collect and record our data. Everyone made an excellent contribution and had great fun too.

50p Friday - 25.03.22 An egg-cellent way to start the weekend!

Love For Life Workshop. 24.03.22

The girls and boys from P7A, P7B and LSC4 took part in a very worthwhile workshop with Love For Life on Thursday 24th March. The girls and boys discussed some very important issues as well as what makes them unique and talked about the journeys they are on throughout their life. A big thank you to Allison and Ryan for hosting the session.

On Wednesday 16th March we had our St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in school. 7B spent the day exploring Irish Myths and Legends, carrying out some Irish numeracy research and taking part in a class quiz. Our day concluded with a fantastic disco with treats and dancing. Lá Fhéile Pádraig sona duit!

Fairtrade Fortnight.

Still image for this video
7B have spent the past two weeks carrying out some excellent research on the role and impact of Fairtrade. To celebrate the conclusion of Fairtrade fortnight, 7B made this short video to share some of the things they have learned during this time.

Thursday 3rd March marked World Book Day for 2022. Throughout this week, 7B have discussed their favourite authors and stories and we have focused in particular on the works of The Brothers Grimm. We spent the week researching their work and how it has been adapted over the years before retelling our own version of one of their famous stories. 7B then spent the day converting their reimagining into an animation and designing a cover for their new book.

Ash Wednesday Mass 02.03.22

We were very proud of Primary 7 today as they represented our school at Ash Wednesday Mass in St. Patrick’s Church. The girls and boys listened with great reverence as they made their Lenten promises. Thank you to Fr. Murray who took the time to give us a short tour of the chapel after he celebrated mass.

50p Friday - 26.02.22

Tuesday (February 8th) was Internet Safety Day. 7B celebrated by taking part in quizzes and discussions about the many benefits of the internet and how we use it.  We then highlighted some of the possible dangers of the internet and came up with solutions on how to avoid these dangers. After we listed our ideas we used an ‘Idea Filter’ to decide which ideas we felt were the most important and we could easily remember. These were;

1.  We never share personal information online. This includes our  name, passwords, address, school or phone numbers.

2. We only communicate with people we know. If someone we don’t know tries to contact us, we tell an adult.

3. We use reliable, up to date technology with strong passwords.

4. We only use apps that are suitable for our age group. If we are not sure if an app is appropriate we ask a parent/guardian.

5. If something seems too good to be true, it normally cannot be trusted. We don’t trust unreliable websites which offer prizes, giveaways or sell cheap, unreliable items.


7B concluded their topic of Natural Disasters on Wednesday (26th January) by taking part in a work shop which allowed the boys and girls to create some of the phenomenons we have explored over the past few weeks including volcanoes and tornadoes. 

Friends Resilience Programme.

P7 began to work with The Friends Resilience Programme on Friday (21st). It was a very enjoyable and encouraging start to the 6 week course. 7B discussed how we can work together as a group and made some group guidelines. They talked about their strengths. They then discussed what feelings are and how we can recognise them in ourselves and others and finished with a game of emotions charade. 

Young Enterprise Northern Ireland and Chest, Heart and Stroke Foundation workshops (19.01.22)

7B had a very busy day on Wednesday taking part in two excellent and very informing workshops. 7B started the day by beginning our collaboration with YENI where we learned what a business was and then what an entrepreneur was. We took part in some quizzes and had our S.T.E.A.M skills put to the test by constructing towers from natural materials. 7B proved they work excellently as a team and will need to use these skills as they have been challenged with coming up with their own business plan.


Our second workshop was with The Chest, Heart and Stroke Foundation where we learned a lot of information about cigarettes and e-cigarettes. The pupils were particularly surprised that there are over 7000 chemicals in a cigarette.

Visitors from The North Pole.

7B were very lucky to be visited today (9th December) by Santa and Mrs Claus. Thank you to everyone who organised the visit.

Monthly Mass. 07.12. 21

7B listened with great reverence and respect this morning as Fr. Toland took our monthly mass. As we continue to celebrate Advent Fr. Toland spoke about the importance of welcoming Jesus into our homes at this important time of year.

We were lucky to be joined by Tanya Kearns on Monday (December 6th) the Community Arts Facilitator for Beat Carnival Belfast. Tanya taught P7B some excellent techniques on how to draw their own cartoons based on characters from How the Grinch Stole Christmas. The final pieces were absolutely fantastic and 7B even had a go at making their own 3D replica of Whoville. 

Local business visit.

We were very lucky to be joined by Orla Mulholland, manager of Mabel’s Ice Cream Parlour in Downpatrick on Wednesday (1st December.) Orla also spoke with boys and girls from Mrs Cassidy’s, Mr Brennan’s and Mr McKernan’s class about what it takes to run a successful business. Orla very kindly donated some prizes to each class and we look forward to her presenting prizes to a lucky winner from each class in the not so distant future. 

Whole school visit to the Grand Opera House.

Our whole school was lucky enough to visit Belfast yesterday to watch the Grand Opera House production of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Everyone from 7B represented our school superbly and a fantastic time was had by all. A big thank you to everyone who helped organise the day.

Anti Bullying week.

This week 7B explored the very serious subject of bullying. We explored this through a variety of ways including poetry, art and discussing how we think it would be to be bullied. 7B discussed what we would do if we were being bullied or knew someone who was being bullied and developed our own class pledge based on the theme of the week which was kindness.

Representatives from both P7 classes and LSC4 were very lucky to be joined today by P6 and P7 pupils from St. Nicholas’ Primary School Ardglass to take part in some fun indoor sports in Downpatrick’s Ballymote centre. Pupils took part in games including basketball and football. The pupils learned some new skills and enjoyed having the opportunity to take part in exciting, new activities with new people. Thank you to the staff and pupils from St. Nicholas’ for joining us.

Today both P7A and P7B had the opportunity to visit Titanic Belfast. The boys and girls had the opportunity to explore artefacts linked to The Titanic and were able to experience what it would have been like to be a shipbuilder and a passenger on The Titanic as well as develop an understanding of the size of The Titanic.

The temperature might have dipped but that did not stop 7B from enjoying Outdoor Classroom Day on Thursday (November 4th.) 7B spent the entire day outdoors to take part in Phonics and Literacy games, finding some real life examples of patterns in nature for our Problem Solving lesson and created some really unique art using only natural resources. 

Thank you from 7B

7B would like to thank everyone who helped or contributed in any way towards supporting our Cash for Kids Challenge. In particular thank you and well done to our PTFA members for all your hard work. An incredible £18, 910 was raised. Well done!

A fantastic day was had by all in 7B today. There was some eerie Numeracy work completed, a spooky quiz and some brilliant Halloween arts and craft but it is safe to say the highlight of the day was visiting our Daily Mile track to find it had been transformed into a spectacular, spooky trail. A big thank you to all involved. They did a fantastic job.

Coping with pressure. 14/10/21

A big thank you to Cormac from Helping Improve Performance who spoke with both P7 classes today via Zoom about resilience and taught us a few coping mechanisms for difficult times.

Continuing on with our topic of The Titanic, this week 7B used our water tray in The Rainbow Garden to explore and experiment on a variety of materials. 7B wanted to explore the properties of these materials and predicted what impact water would have on them, focusing in particular on if they would float or not before recording our results.

7B create Autumn haikus.

To celebrate National Poetry Day 7B had a go at creating their own Autumn themed haikus. 7B also created some lovely artwork to accompany their haiku.

Words are powerful.

7B today discussed the importance of choosing words wisely. Words have the power to hurt but also to heal. Hurtful words can be just as painful as a physical injury and can be spoken or sent through text/social media. 7B discussed which words they could choose to help someone having a difficult time and the importance of being kind to others.

Be Money Wise!

Still image for this video
7B worked very hard this week to deliver our weekly assembly. They researched some hints and tips on how to look after your money and did a fantastic job putting together this short video.

7B have a go at The Haka.

P7B making good use of our outdoor resources for some fun outdoor learning.

Monthly Mass. 02.09. 21

Today we celebrated our first monthly Mass. Fr Toland spoke of the importance of togetherness, something which is very important at this time.