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P5 - Mr Harbinson

We have been working hard on how to calculate the area of different shape in our Numeracy Topic work this week.

We enjoyed getting outside to work on our knowledge of time durations and how to solve problems involving time.

Today we used Microsoft PowerPoint to create a presentation on how to be a good friend using all the ICT skills we have worked on this year.

Working on our coordination, positioning, movement and team work skills in our PE sessions this week.

Using our clocks to practically tell the time and solve time related problems.

Narrative Writing - Improving our writing through the use of description and adjectives.

Using Activity Based Learning to improve our times tables recall.

Today we had an Art workshop hosted by Imelda Truesdale. We created windmills using a range of different materials. The pupils really enjoyed the workshop and produced excellent windmills as you can see.

Christmas is well and truly on the cards as you can see. Christmas Jumpers and Christmas Art have been firmly at the forefront of activities.

We have been using Minecraft on the PlayStation to create a model of the Empire State Building for our WAU topic. We all worked together to plan and build the model using a range of blocks and materials.

Primary 5 really enjoyed our trip to the pantomime to see Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

We have been working on using coding to create a range of 2D shapes. This has involved improving our knowledge of the different angles needed to create these shapes.

Enjoying a lovely cup of hot chocolate as our 50p Friday treat.

To enhance practical learning in the classroom we completed our Phonics and Partitioning work for Numeracy with magnetic letters and numbers. The hands on activity helped us to develop our skills and strategies to enhance learning and understanding.

Todays Literacy writing lesson focussed on creating persuasive advertisements to try and sell different products to the rest of the class. It involved looking at what persuasive features real life advertisements used and how we could incorporate them into our own work.

Solving shape problems using Sphero Balls.

We have been improving our understanding of Carroll diagrams this week through a mixture of written and ICT tasks.

Enjoying Rounders for PE today. Lots of work on kicking, catching, timing and team work involved.

Improving problem solving strategies through building and making the answers using different resources.

We have been working on activity based learning for our Phonics work this week. We have been using the connecting cubes to build words containing our sound of the week.

For our outdoor learning lesson we took ourselves on a wildlife hunt for the completion of our Rainforest topic. We looked at the plant life and had to find leaves and flowers that matched different descriptions. We also had to investigate habitats of animals and insects and see if we could find any. Everybody loved being outside investigating our local wildlife.

Today we used the package Scatch to work on our computer programming and coding skills. We looked at how to make characters more and interact as well as how to draw shapes using sprites.

This week has involved a lot of Halloween themed art activities as well as taking part in the Spooky Trail and decorating our class pumpkin. Check out all the photos below:

Well done to Cara who won the ‘Guess the number of sweets in the jar’ competition for Primary 5.

For Maths Week we have been incorporating ICT into our adding and subtracting work on the laptops.

Today we enjoyed lots of treats from the school tuck shop. As you can see in the pictures, the treats were enjoyed by all.

We have been enjoying a lot of practical outdoor learning this week. This has involved looking for real life 3D shapes around the school as well as investigating the local plant and animal life in the school for our World Around Us topic.