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P5 - Mr Harbinson

Our PE session focused on learning different multi skills that can be applied to the different areas of fitness and athletics.

For our Science investigation we looked at the different characteristics of dark, milk and white chocolate using our senses. We investigated the smell, feel, taste and look of each piece before giving it a score. We then melted each type of chocolate after making predictions about which type would melt first.

We had a treat for 50p Friday today. Each pupil got to spin the wheel to win a selection of prizes. Check out the pictures below:

Numeracy this week focused on finding negative numbers through the use of temperature as well as converting capacity between litres and millilitres.

We really enjoyed getting outside for a wonderful Sports Day this year. We have lots of pictures of the different events to check out.

Finding types of angles was the focus of todays Numeracy lesson. The pupils took it in turns to create an angle using the distance between their body and outstretched arm. We then had to look at the angle created and decide if it was an acute, right or obtuse angle.

For Numeracy Primary 5 explored symmetry in shapes through the use of the IZAK9 cubes. The pupils enjoyed the problem solving and team work activities.

We looked at lots of Literacy areas within our activity based learning this week. The pupils worked on exploring the ‘F’ sound variations, creating compound words, fixing punctuation and adding prefixes and suffixes

This week we celebrated the 10th Birthday of the Daily Mile. As well as taking part in physical activities, we looked after our plater box by watering the plants as well as exploring the pond area to see if we could find the fish and tadpoles.

Primary 5 really enjoyed all the farm activities that happened in school today. All the photos can be seen below.

We enjoyed getting out around the school for our Easter Egg hunt. Well done to everybody for finding the clues and working out where the final egg was located.

Primary 5 enjoyed their Art workshop which focussed on creating Egyptian jewellery as well as a coil clay pot. Every pupil loved getting to use different materials to create their artwork.

Primary 5 have been working extremely hard on their planter box. They have planted a range of different plants, designed three fairy tale towers and created toadstools and tree trunk stepping stones to create a very special place. Well done everybody!

Todays PE session focussed on the area of the Shot Putt. Pupils go familiar with the push motion for this activity before moving onto using the correct technique to push throw a weighted ball as far as they could. A really enjoyable PE session was enjoyed by all the pupils.

We have worked very hard on our Literacy and Numeracy and covered lots of different areas of learning. We have worked on our times tables recall through Hit the Button and multiplication board games. We have created examples of similes and metaphors on PowerPoint as well as building model pyramids to work on our 3D shape knowledge that links to our Egypt topic.

For Science week we looked at a range of different experiments. We looked at how magnets control iron filings, how the colours react when water is poured on Skittles, how to create a circuit to turn on a bulb and then helping to create a home made Lava lamp focussing on chemical reactions with a range of different liquids.