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P3 had too good a time beating Miss Wilson in this fun game using their multiplication knowledge today!

P3 discovered how to 1/2 a number by sharing sweets equally in two!

P3 took on the role of teacher today in our outdoor classroom! They consolidated their own learning and taught each other a range of strategies to multiply by 5!

To celebrate number day P3 took their number learning out into the sun! We used natural resources to show the tens and units in a number and practiced our mental math with some dice games.

Mental math outside in the sun is much more fun!

P3 loved using IZAK9 to apply their numeracy learning in a new and exciting way. Can you guess how we sorted these numbers?

P3 found an inventive way to practice using number lines to add or find the missing addend! We created our own number line to bunny hop along! It was a great maths workout!

P3 had great fun racing Spheros to practice their ordinal numbers!