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Numeracy Topic

Investigating halves and quarters! This week we were exploring fractions. We really enjoyed completing the various practical and ICT activities to help us learn about halves and quarters! Take a look at what we got up to!

Weight - we practised using cubes and balance scales to balance the weight of different classroom objects!

Length - This week we practised measuring different objects using a 30cm ruler!

STEM challenge! As an introduction to our new topic on measures we had good fun this week completing a STEM challenge on length. Each group had to try and make the longest paper using only one piece of paper. As you can see we had great fun completing this challenge and lots of different strategies were used! Congratulations to our joint winners Jessica and Isla and Thomas and Caiden!

Carroll Diagrams - This week in Primary 3 we sorted objects using Carroll diagrams.

Learning about bar charts!

Pictograms! This week we explored creating and interpreting pictograms.

Tally Counting! We had great fun this week learning how to count tallies. We enjoyed using lollipop sticks to count tallies, making posters, playing a dice game and counting natural materials outdoors!

Properties of 3d shapes! The children had great fun writing clues and then guessing shapes! Great work P3!

This week we have been constructing 3D shapes. We enjoyed listening to the story ‘10 Timid Ghosts’ and in conjunction with our STEM learning we had good fun making 3D shaped houses for a timid little ghost!

Shape and Space 

2d Shape