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🎱 Bowling Sums 🎱

We did some subtraction sums by counting the pins we knocked over and taking the number away from the total number of pins we had. 

🟦🟩 IZZAK 9 Cubes 🟪🟨

We used IZZAK 9 cubes to create subtraction sums during our problem solving lesson.  Mrs Cassidy was very impressed with our subtraction skills and our teamwork skills. 

🟪 2d Shape Hunt 🔷

Our 2d shapes escaped and hid all over the pirate ship playground, we had to collect them all and sort them into the correct boxes. 

➕ Addition Sums ➕

We have been practising our adding skills, we made our own sums using magnetic numbers!


Who won the race? 🧐

We have been learning about ordinal numbers. We ran races and then had to sort out winners certificates for 1st to 10th place. Can you see who won?  

 ðŸ¥ Easter Egg Hunt 🐣
We completed an Easter egg hunt by following the clues and answering questions on time! We can tell o’clock and half past times now! 

Christmas Addition 🎄

We had a wonderful surprise when Sprinkles the elf left us challenges to do to showcase our fantastic number skills. He left us a letter to tell us he would let Santa know how hard we have been working. 

Building Sums 🧩

Using Numicon we built addition sums up to 5 and 10! We worked in teams to build as many sums as we could. We showed great teamwork, problem solving and addition skills! 😊

Money, Money, Money 💵

We have been learning to recognise and use 1p, 2p and 5p coins. We made amounts up to 10p and sorted coins using different criteria. 

➕ Addition to 5 and 10 ➕
We have been practising our addition skills within 5 and 10 using our whiteboards and compare bears. 

Painting Numbers 🎨
We have been practising our number formation to 20 by painting numbers. We also had a chat about the numbers we painted and ordered them from biggest to smallest. 

Numberblocks 👾

We have been watching the Numberblocks on the interactive white board in our classroom. They are helping us with adding on and adding two numbers together. We also played the numberblocks game on the iPad it was so much fun! 

Counting Challenge 👍

Primary 2 have been creating sets within 10 and 20. They then challenged their partner to create a set that was one more than the number they had. We are starting addition within 5 next week and this was really useful to help us reinforce what we already know about adding on 1 to a given number. 

Counting Superstars! 🧮
We showed Mrs Cassidy how amazing we are at counting one more and one less. She asked us a question and we wrote the answers on our whiteboards. We know all of our numbers to 10 and we can write them down with super speed! 

🎃 Spooky Numbers 👻

We looked at finding one more and one less than a given number in our Halloween number line. 

Heaviest to Lightest ⚖️

We can order objects by weight from heaviest to lightest!

🕵🏻‍♂️ Problem Solving in Numeracy 🕵🏼‍♀️

We made numbers using unifix cubes. We had picture cards to help us but we had to figure out how to connect them together to make the number all by ourselves. We think they look great!

🚙 Exploring Pictograms 🚘

We have been looking at pictograms in our Numeracy lessons. We decided to create a pictogram showing the red, white and grey cars in the staff car park. 

TopMarks Maths 🖥

We played counting games on the interactive whiteboard. We are working on numbers to 10 and 20. 

🟣 Exploring 2d Shapes! 🟪

In our numeracy topic work we have been looking at different 2d shapes. We went on a shape hunt outside to see how many triangles, circles, rectangles and squares we could find! In class we made 2d shape moulds using play dough and drew around 2d shapes to make funky patterns and shapes! 

If you have a shape you're not sure about call the P2 shape detectives and they will sort it out!