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WALT: revise time related questions using o’clock, half, quarter past/to and 5 minute intervals

WALT: practise our number skills with PE

The children were applying their number skills to help practise their PE skills in a fun filled active lesson. The children were practising their mental maths while practising their Gaelic Football skills. 
Game 1: Times Tables Relay 

Game 2: Place Value Bowling

Game 3: Bean Bag Throwing and Times Tables

Game 4: Gaelic Football and Times Tables

Learning their Times Tables in a relay race

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WALT: apply area and perimeter to real life situations.

Primary 6 have been learning all about area and perimeter this term. They were tasked with having to find the cost of buying new carpet and skirting board for different rooms of a house. They were able to find the area of regular rectangular shapes as well as composite shapes. The children applied various number skills to complete the problem solving challenges within their group. The children enjoyed the challenges and were able to see mathematics being used in the real world. 

WALT: complete area challenges using Minecraft

WALT: find the area of composite shapes

The children have been finding the area of rectangular shapes and we have now progressed onto finding the area of composite shapes. The children were able to recognise that the shape can be split into two rectangles and therefore we are able to find the area of each rectangle and add them together to find the total area. The children were working through examples on their whiteboards and some children had the chance to use the interactive board to showcase their learning. 


The children were using flat shapes to measure and calculate the perimeter. Some children were then tasked with drawing a shape for their partner and had to measure to the nearest cm and calculating the perimeter. The children enjoyed this activity and were able to challenge each other. The numeracy vocabulary used was fantastic during this lesson with children using different strategies to calculate the perimeter.