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Introducing Subtraction 


We have been learning about Subtraction through a number of songs, videos, games and practical activities.  One of the activities we started with was ‘Subtraction Squish.’  We used our individual pots of Playdough and used our motor skills to roll the Playdough into small balls.  We added them onto an activity card and read the instructions with an adult e.g. make 10 balls using Playdough.  Squish 6.  How many are left?  This was a great practical activity for us to visual and participate in ‘taking away’ objects.

🏬 💰 Using money to buy items in a shop 💰 🏬 


We set up a shop to practise using money in a shop situation.  We picked a number of items in the shop and counted out the correct number of coins to pay for our items.  We then gave our money to the shopkeeper who had to count and make sure the total was correct before adding it to the till. 

🐝 Positional Language and Beebots 🐝 


We used Beebots to develop our understanding of positional language and programming.  We began by rolling a dice with pictures of jungle animals.  Then we programmed the Beebot to move forwards, turn left etc to land on the selected animal from our starting point.   

🧮 Izack 9 Problem Solving 🧮 


We had great fun using the Izack 9 cube to solve number problems.  We were able to order the numbers correctly from 1-10 and 1-20.  Then we participated in an activity called, ‘Top Brick’ which focused on addition.  Miss Vaughan asked us to find two numbers and put them on the table.  After that, we had to add the two numbers together, find the answer and place it on top as the ‘top brick.’  

Identifying the number ‘after’ within 10


This week our mental maths focus has been to identify the number after within 10.  We have enjoyed playing lots of games like Show Me and Quickfire to develop our quick recall.  During our lessons we have worked on understanding and developing the concept of counting on by jumping forwards on a Numberline and using the forward command on a Beebot.  Miss Vaughan has been very impressed with how quickly we were able to grasp this concept and we are looking forward to moving on to find the numbers before and in between 😊

Identifying Numbers Within 10 and Matching to the Correct Ten Frame

🐻Sorting by Size 🐻


This week we read the story of ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears.’  We counted the different sets of three within the story and sorted the sets by size.  We sorted the sets into groups of large, medium and small.  Some of us also recognised that the sets could be sorted by colour as well! We are really starting to  use our thinking and problem solving skills! 🤩

Using Five Frames

We have been using five frames to make sets and recognise numbers within 5.  Miss Vaughan has been very impressed with our number recognition! 🌟

We have been learning to recognise the number 3 and count sets within 3. We worked really well with our partners this week 🤩

🎨Sorting by Colour 🎨

Investigating the number 1


Our ‘number of the week’ was the number 1.  We listened to a variety of number rhymes and songs to familiarise ourselves with the number.  To consolidate our understanding of the number, we completed activities such as, writing the number on our whiteboards, making the number 1 using Play-dough and painting a picture of 1.  

Celebrating Roald Dahl Day through Numeracy


We celebrated Roald Dahl Day with the story of ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.’  Our Numeracy focus for the day was to sort pictures using 1 criteria.  We had to sort the pictures into sweets and not sweets.  We stuck the pictures of sweets inside Willy Wonka’s factory and anything that was not a sweet was placed outside the factory.  Miss Vaughan was very impressed with our problem solving and discussion during this activity.