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🛏🧱 PS - Building a bed big enough for Goldilocks to sleep on 🧱🛏

🤩Exploring Numbers Within 10 🤩

Magic Bean Problem Solving

Our focus this week has been the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and our Numeracy problem solving task was based on the story.  Jack’s mum had thrown the magic beans out of the window and we had to find and sort them for Jack before she found out.  The magic beans were hidden in our Welcome Garden and we had to work as a team to find them all.  Once we had found the magic beans we laid them all out together and discussed the various ways we could sort the beans.  Many of us were able to suggest sorting them by colour and other options were, by size and those with eyes and those without.  Great team work and discussion today! 

🎨 Sorting by Colour 🎨