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Tuesday 8th February 

Primary 4 have been introduced to the process of Multiplication within our Number Work and the pupils have been using the strategy of Repeated Addition to help and assist them as they explore the 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10 times tables. We have been practicing a lot on our whiteboards as well as playing a lot of different multiplication games to help with our learning and knowledge of multiplication.

Friday 4th February

The pupils have been introduced to Symmetry and are beginning to understand key terms such as ‘Line of Symmetry’ and ‘identical’ when it comes to Symmetrical patterns and designs. As part of our learning we took our lessons outside where the pupils had to design their own symmetrical pictures using equipment from around the school grounds - this made for some very resourceful learning with the pupils gaining an excellent understand ping of Symmetry through Outdoor Learning ✅

Wednesday 12th January

The Primary 4 class have began working through the process of Subtraction on their return after Christmas. We have been focusing on similar meanings words and phrases such as taking away, minus, counting back, find the difference and decrease. Pupils completed a lot of whiteboard work to reinforce the strategy of Partitioning; the photographs show the Triangle group using cubes and Number lines to practice and reinforce their subtracting work.

Wednesday 1st December

Recently we have been working very hard on our Fractions and in particular 1/2’s, 1/4’s and more recently 1/3’s. As part of our Problem Solving and Investigations lesson we investigated which numbers can be split into 1/2’s, 1/4’s and 1/3’s. A big part of this lesson was the focus on the strategy of Trial and Error as we continually encourage the pupils to make mistakes as part of their learning. A very practical and useful lesson 📚✏️☑️

Thursday 25th November

This week we have been reinforcing our knowledge of the clock with a focus on ‘past’ times through analogue and digital clocks faces as well as written times. Pupils really enjoyed the opportunity to test our their knowledge of what they have been learning through a range of online games and activities 📱📱

Friday 19th November


Primary 4 have started learning about Fractions this week and have been working very hard to understand 1/2’s (halves) and 1/4’s (quarters). To reinforce what we have been learning in the classroom we made simple Fraction Walls this week outside using sticks and chalk. We are always trying to encourage the children to learn through a range of methods and we keep finding that the pupils really enjoy getting outside snd learning👌👌

Thursday 21st October


The pupils participated in a wide range of practical and engaging Numeracy activities this week to celebrate Maths Week 2021. The highlight of the week was our participation in an Online Maths Quiz. The quiz was highly visual and focused around the area of Problem Solving that required the pupils to work in pairs / groups to come up with the answers. Everybody really enjoyed the quiz and it didn’t seem like work at all 👌

Friday 8th October


The pupils had great fun this week exploring different ways to add - the different groups experienced adding the various numbers on the IZAK9 to total target number set by staff, adding up the different pins they knocked down while practicing their bowling and totalling up the different numbers in which their tennis balls landed in. It was a great lesson and it showed the pupils that their addition work can be fun😀

Friday 17th September


Pupils in Primary 4 were revising their Bar Graph knowledge so we took them outside and they were used to make the bars within two different Bar Charts. Pupils were asked to select their favourite colour as well as their favourite Chocolate Bar where pupils understood where the data comes from in order to draw a graph. Pupils then realised the importance of keeping the bars straight with gaps between the bars. I think the pupils look splendid expressing themselves as A P4 Bar Chart 📊

Friday 10th September 


Pupils designed and made their own 2D Shape Monsters using a range of 2D shapes which we have been learning about and revising through our practical activities since returning to school in our Topic Maths.

Friday 10th September 


Pupils enjoyed a lot of practical Maths this weeks; using the IZAK9 cubes the pupils were able to revise basic addition skills within 20 and 50 before showing off their Place Value knowledge. Later in the week the pupils experimented making 2D using various pieces of string, both individually and as part of a group.

Friday 3rd September 


The pupils enjoyed participating in a shape hunt around the school on Friday. The pupils worked in small groups to try and as many different 2D shapes from our lesson on Thursday where we revised the properties of regular and common 2D shapes.