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Missing Addends: Counting on with cubes🧊🧊🧊

LEGO repeated patterns🟥🟨🟦🟩

Repeated Addition🐢🦒🐷

Adding and taking away 100 using a 100-square ➕➖🧮

A colour combination investigation🤔🎨🖌

Sorting using a tree diagram🌱🌳🌿

Base-10 blocks🧊

Fraction fun! 🌓

Before, after, between 🔢

Subtracting by counting🔛

Ordering numbers🔢

Outdoor sorting, ordering and counting🍂➕🔢

Autumn measuring🍂🍁📏

Autumn Carroll Diagram sorting🍁🍎

Autumn Venn Diagram🍁🍂

Ladybird Number Bonds🐞

We’re going on a… SHAPE HUNT! 🔍

We have been learning all about 2D shapes so we decided to go out on a shape hunt around our school to see what we could find!

Chocolate 2D shapes⏹🔼⏺

What better way to learn about shapes than to make them … out of CHOCOLATE🍫😍

Repeating patterns🔴🟢🟡

We used counting bears to identify and continue repeating patterns. The patterns incorporated bears of different colours and different size.

Numeracy is better outside🌳☀️

When the weather is good, we grab clipboards and take our work outdoors! We have such beautiful outdoor spaces at our school - lucky us😁🌳☀️