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It's time to learn outside!

This week in Numeracy, we were learning all about telling the time using O'Clock and half past. We decided to take our learning outside and practised drawing the hands on the clock using chalk or using natural materials like sticks and stones. This was such a fun lesson and the children are becoming so confident when it comes to telling the time!

Subtraction using a Number Line

This week in Numeracy, we were introduced to the concept of subtraction which can be a little tricky. We played a game called 'Subtraction Bowling' in Numeracy which was a very fun way to practise. We all started off with 10 bowling pins and we tried to knock down as many as possible using the bowling ball. We then counted how many pins had been knocked down, and crossed the bowling pin pictures out. After, we counted how many bowling pins were left standing up in order to find the answer to our subtraction sum.

We are learning that coins can have different values!

What time is it?

Balloon Problem Solving!

This week we were solving a problem about balloons, so what better way to find the answers to the questions than using actual balloons! We listened carefully to each question and worked together to count the different coloured balloons. We love participating in practical activities!

Addition Using a Number Line

This week in Numeracy, we used a number line to add two numbers together. We worked as a team to order the numbers correctly on our number line and then practised adding two numbers together by counting the jumps between the numbers! This is a tricky concept so we will keep practising!

Mother Bear!

We are learning all about using practical resources to solve problems in Primary 2 this term. This week we met a mother bear who had made her cubs lovely new coats. Each coat had the same amount of buttons and the children did a fantastic job of counting the total number of buttons! Well done!

Flip-Flop Addition!

This week in Numeracy, we learned all about 'flip-flop' addition. We used numbered flip-flops to practise adding two numbers together. Once we found out the answer to the sum, we 'flip-flopped' the numbers over to create a new sum. Primary 2 learned that changing the order of the two numbers does not change the answers!



10 + 3 = 13

3 + 10 = 13

Making 2D Shapes using ISAK9 Cubes!

We used our problem solving skills to make 2D shapes using the IAK9 cubes. This was lots of fun and a great way to revise our knowledge of 2D shape properties!

There are 12 Months in a Year!

This week in Numeracy, we learned all about the months in the year. We filled in the missing months on our calendar and then coloured a tree to match the four seasons of the year. We think our families will love these special gifts we have made for them!

We can add three numbers together!

This week in Numeracy, we learned how to add three numbers together using Numicon. We placed the Numicon on the Christmas bauble mat and discussed which number was the biggest out of the three. Then we used the counting on strategy to find the answer!

Making a Class Pictogram!

This week in topic maths, we learned all about Pictograms! In small groups, we went on a hunt around the school to count how many different coloured cars we could find. We recorded the results and then went back to class to create our very own Pictogram using the app PurpleMash!

Pom Pom Addition!

This week, the children learned all about adding numbers. We played a game called 'pom pom addition' where children worked in pairs to roll a dice. They collected the correct number of pom poms to match the number on their dice, and then added the two numbers together! This lesson was so much fun and we are working so hard to use the 'counting on' strategy to add numbers!

Practical Problem Solving in P2!

In problem-solving, we are learning how to draw a picture to solve a problem. We decided to solve the 'Leap Frog' problem practically using actual frogs and lily pads! This was such a fun activity and we are becoming such confident problem solvers in P2!


This week we read the story 'The Jolly Postman' and decided to turn the water in our water tray green to make some green tea, just like the witch in our story! We practised using language linked to capacity, such as 'full', 'empty', and 'half full', and Miss Barbour tried some delicious green tea too!

Outdoor Classroom Day!

Heavier Than, Lighter Than or Equal to!

In topic maths this week, we have been learning all about weight! We used a pan balance to weigh a range of different classroom items. Miss Barbour was so impressed with the small group discussions and the language being used to compare the two different items being weighed!

Measuring length using non-standard units.

In topic maths this week we learned how to measure length using non-standard units. We measured lots of different wiggly worms by placing cubes alongside the worm and counting the number of cubes it took to measure the worm from top to bottom! This was such a fun learning experience!

At the Toy Shop!

In topic Maths, we have been learning all about 1p and 2p coins! We went on a trip to the toy shop to buy some toys using 1p and 2p coins and did a fantastic job!

'Eye' Can Count!

During Maths Week, Primary 2 got into the Halloween spirit by taking part in some spooky activities! We used a random number generator on the iPad to give our monsters the correct amount of eyes. We enjoyed this activity so much, we adapted it for independent play by using our big inflatable dice! 

Number Bonds

In mental maths, we have been looking at number stories and how we can make a number in many different ways. We used an inflatable dice, cubes, and a 'Part Part Whole' diagram with our partner to find different ways of making numbers to 6!

Odd and Even Numbers

This week in Numeracy, we investigated odd and even numbers using Numicon. We looked at how the shapes of some Numicon differ and discussed how this can determine whether the number is odd or even. We discussed how even numbers always have a partner when you pair them up and how odd numbers will always have an 'odd bod' when you try to pair them up! We then worked with our partners to sort the Numicon into odd and even groups!

Sorting 2D Shapes onto a Carroll Diagram!

In Topic Maths, we have been learning about the names and properties of 2D shapes. This week, we sorted lots of different 2D shapes onto a Carroll Diagram using the Criteria 'Square' and 'Not Square'.

Ordinal Numbers

This week in Problem Solving, we have been learning all about ordinal numbers! We discussed how we use ordinal numbers every day during carpet time when we discuss the date. We also use ordinal numbers when we win races during sports day. So, we decided to take our learning outside and compete in races. Children then had to order themselves using the ordinal numbers, depending on what position they came in the race!

We're Going on a Shape Hunt!

P2 went on a 2D shape hunt around the school this week. We found a range of different shapes both indoors and outdoors at St. Colmcille's...shapes are everywhere!

Problem Solving - Number Formation