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We're Going on a Shape Hunt!

P2 went on a 2D shape hunt around the school this week. We found a range of different shapes both indoors and outdoors at St. Colmcille's...shapes are everywhere!

Problem Solving - Number Formation

During problem-solving this week, the children in P2 worked hard to practise their number formation. They enjoyed being outdoors in the 'Rainbow Garden' and used a magic paintbrush on the blackboard to paint the numbers correctly! During play, children took turns to roll the dice to create numbers using different materials like chalk, paint, loose materials, playdough and crayons! It was so much fun!

Matching Numbers and their Quantities

We revised our number recognition this week using Numicon and cubes. The children matched each number to the corresponding Numicon. During play, the children used cubes to build tall towers which matched the numbers on the page! Well done P2!