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🚧🌳 Phase 2 of Outdoor Development Completed 🚧🌳

We are delighted to announce the completion of Phase 2 of our Outdoor Learning Environment, which saw further development of our Pond and Nature Area. This area of our school is now home to a Wildlife Pond, complete with aquatic plants, fish, a filtration system, water feature and a sensory pergola shelter. There is an observation bridge with binoculars and a periscope, for pupils to observe the wildlife that will inhabit the area. Around the Pond and Nature Area, there are a number of newly installed educational displays, providing information about the seasons, as well as different plants, animals and native tree species.


Each class has also been provided with their very own planter box, which they can use to grow their own produce and plants and to further their learning in Science and World Around Us. I’m sure you will agree this area looks terrific and will undoubtedly be a fantastic learning resource for the pupils of St. Colmcille’s to enjoy and benefit from for years to come.


We look forward to the imminent commencement of Phase 3 of our Outdoor Developments, which will include the planting of the area with flowers, trees and wild grasses and the installation of an Outdoor Fitness Equipment and shed. A special thanks to Mr Lawrence Blaney, father of Aiden and Dale, who has on numerous occasions freely given of his time and talents to enhance this area of the school grounds.