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*** Feast Day of St Colmcille ***

Tomorrow (9th June) we celebrate the feast of St Colmcille, one of three patron saints of Ireland. He was born in Co. Donegal in 521 and founded monasteries throughout Ireland. He had to leave Ireland as an act of penance in 563 and settled with 12 companions at Iona, an island off the western coast of Scotland. He died in 597 and was buried by his monks in the abbey he created. St Colmcille is a very special saint to us as he did many good works and our school is named after him.


You may wish to say the following prayer with your family.

Prayer of St Colmcille

Be O Lord,
A guiding star above me,
A smooth path below me,
A kindly shepherd behind me 
and a bright flame before me;
today, tonight and forever.