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🌳🪵 Exciting Outdoor Refurbishments (due to be completed Jan 21) 🌳🪵

Please see below an image of our Nature Area which will shortly be under construction at the Front of the school.


Children learn best when they are engaged and enthusiastic about their learning. We are currently striving to provide bespoke and state of the art outdoor facilities for our children to ensure that teachers have the best areas & resources to inspire and drive forward our pupils learning.


The Rear Playground, which is mostly used by our younger pupils in P1-3 & LSCs, is also receiving a much-needed refurbishment. The tarmac and concrete surfacing is being replaced by a bespoke rubber surface and new fencing and ramped areas will be installed. The rubber surfacing will protect children against painful falls and trips and in due course will receive games-based markings and signage to increase playtime enjoyment. This is an exciting and much needed development for our pupils. Thanks to Colin McGrath, our local MLA, who worked extensively alongside school leadership to petition the Department of Education to invest in this improvement for the children of the school.