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Mr McReynolds LSC4

Friendship Animations

To celebrate Anti-Bullying Week in St. Colmcille’s, LSC 4 created fantastic animations on the theme of friendship. The pupils first planned their animation by completing a story board with their group, then worked on creating a background using different materials. Each group then used their iPads to record their animation. Everyone enjoyed sharing their animation with the rest of the class on the Interactive Board.

Best Friends Go To Nugelato

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Best Friends Forever Animation

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Tommy & Jeremy’s Football Game

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Science Experiment

As part of our recent World Around Us topic Healthy Living, LSC 4 carried out a Science experiment to find out about the effects different liquids have on our teeth. Everyone worked well with their group to plan and carry out their experiment and discuss how we can help keep our teeth healthy.

Autumn Lanterns

As part of our recent writing focus, our pupils created their own Autumn Lanterns. We all enjoyed collecting Autumn leaves around the school grounds. The pupils then had fun using the leaves to decorate their lanterns.

Wellbeing: Bouncing back to class!

LSC 4 pupils recently took part in a BBC Teach live lesson based around looking after our wellbeing. The lesson included guest appearances from Premier League football stars and gave our pupils some excellent ideas to help us explore our feelings and find activities that boost our wellbeing!

LSC 4 Outdoor Space

We began to work on preparing an outside area beside our class, where we can learn and enjoy the outdoor environment. The pupils began by preparing our planter boxes and planting flowers. They are all looking forward to adding to and using this calming and relaxing space throughout the year.

Great Number Work

Some fantastic work on place value so far. In this activity, the pupils were using their whiteboards to practice partitioning numbers.


World Around Us

LSC 4 have been working hard on their new topic Healthy Living. Take a look at these fantastic colour co-ordinated paintings of the human body. The pupils were able to label the main organs and research facts about them!


Numeracy Topic & Problem-Solving

The pupils really enjoyed working together to design a maze and consider the directions needed to move through their maze. Using our new Sphero Robots, LSC 4 then worked on coding to get their robot successfully from the start to the end of the maze. There were a lot of problem-solving and thinking skills in action, as pupils needed to adjust their speed, timing and angles needed to turn their robot around corners. Great learning and fantastic fun!

A New Season Kicks Off in LSC 4

LSC 4 have been working well together in their PE lessons this week. Pupils have been practising and learning new football skills, beginning with controlling and passing the ball. Everyone enjoyed the great teamwork, fresh air and sunshine!

First Week Back Treat

LSC 4 enjoyed their ice cream and slushie treat to celebrate their first week back at St. Colmcille’s. The pupils all worked hard this week and enjoyed seeing their friends again and making new ones too!

Mental Maths in LSC 4

The pupils in LSC 4 were working hard today, writing their own number stories to reach a target number. Some excellent mental maths practice and the pupils enjoyed sharing their calculations.