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Mrs O'Dowd/ Mr Lyttle P6/7

P6/7 using our new Rainbow Garden outdoor classroom.

P6/7 Sports Bubble Club.

P6/7 Making good use of our new Daily Mile track!

22.03.21 World Water Day.

On Monday we celebrated World Water Day. We took part in a Q&A session with other schools from across the U.K to discuss why water is so important and created our own posters highlighting sustainable ways of using water.

P6/7 Happy to return to school and enjoy our new play park!

This week P6/7 have been learning what life was like for Victorians at Christmas time. Unfortunately The Victiorians had no iPads, smart phones or Playstations back then so they invented their own games and often made their own toys. P6/7 had a go at those games and even made their own Peg Dolls.

P6/7 enjoying our Virtual Pantomime.

P6/7 enjoying Christmas Dinner (10.12.20) A big thank you to everyone who worked so hard to make our dinner possible.

Christmas Bubble Club (09.12.20) A big thank you to everyone who joined in the last six weeks.

50p Friday. 27.11.20

This week we learned about Victorian Workhouses. P6/7 had a go at designing their own using Minecraft.

Reading week. 23rd - 27th November.

This week we took part in Reading Week. We enjoyed exploring new stories and sharing some of our favourite stories with each other. We also chose 'Melancholy' as our Word of the Week. An ideal description of Ebenezer Scrooge.

Bubble Club. Science week. Exploring with magnets.

09.10.20 - It has been fantastic being able to welcome everyone back this week. Even though we have only been in three days it has been as busy and fun as ever. We were able to welcome Dinko to our class this week and had lots of exciting lessons and news to share with each other. We also have to congratulate Ethan and Estelle for being named Pupils of the Month.



There was more super work carried out this week in P6/7. 


This week we elected our class representative's for the School and Eco councils. Everyone worked really hard preparing a speech and very bravely read them out to the rest of the class to tell us why they would be best for the job. It was incredibly difficult to choose just three people from the whole class but after a vote, we elected Bella to our School Council and Erin and Daniel to the Eco council. Congratulations!


We had plenty of candidates for Pupil of the Week too but two people who really stood out due to their fantastic attitude's towards their work were Callum and Kacie. Well Done to them!

11/09/20 Another busy week has come to an end. This week P6/7 have focused on Place Value, had a think about what we would do if we found a bag load of money like Damian and Anthony from our class book, Millions and we have revised how to use a dictionary to correct our spellings and find definitions of words. This came in handy on Friday when we celebrated Roald Dahl Day. Our class were able to invent some silly sentences and words (or wupplets as Kacey and Isabelle named them) just like the B.F.G.


We also have to congratulate Padraig and Isabelle for being Pupil Of The Week for their fantastic attitudes and independent work.