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Mrs Mussen Nurture Group

Healthy eating awareness in Nurture!

Outdoor Artists: The children enjoyed creating healthy eating plates with chalk! 🖼

Developing our social skills in our beautiful Rainbow Garden! 🌈

Showing our amazing pieces of creative writing. Mrs Dempsey was so impressed by our Under The Sea narratives. 🐠

Celebrating May Day.

Exploring the rainbow Garden: The children investigated items that sink and items that float. They also explored the various noises that can be heard under the sea using the music area.

Finding 3D shapes in the classroom.

Getting creative with our Under the Sea topic: The kids really enjoyed making oysters!

Exploring the school surroundings to discover 2D shapes!

Re-integration party: This week was the last week of a child in our group before her return to her mainstream class. We are very proud of you Chloe and we wish you Good Luck back in class. 👏

Christmas festivities have started in Nurture, we can’t wait for more next week too! 🎄

This week we have focused on Instructional writing in Literacy. The children had lots of fun following the instructions to make Elf Bread and Rudolph cards. 🎄

This week we were very lucky to have been able to visit The North Pole. Having learned about life in the North Pole, we used the green screen to pay it a visit!

A very special visitor in Nurture....Sparkles completed his quarantine period and was finally able to meet the boys and girls!

Book week: the boys and girls loved participating in reciprocal reading actives this week!

Ordinal numbers: In numeracy we have been working on ordinal numbers. Children ordered people in a bus queue and even made ice creams and chocolate bars based on ordinal numbers. 
STEAM activities: in WAU this week we have been looking at Winter this and we have been learning about how animals and human adapt to the cold weather. We injected a little fun to this theme and created snowball launchers and catapults in STEAM! 
Exploring Anger: this week the children looked at anger. We explored what makes us and angry and different strategies we can use when we are angry. The children created calm bottles to use in class and home when we are annoyed or angry! 

Exploring the Seasons and the months of the year.

Celebrating Universal Children’s Day in Nurture. We explored children’s rights through role play and posters.

Very busy bees working extremely hard in Nurture this week 👏

Golden time rewards: This week the boys and girls earned themselves the treat of making pizzas during their Golden Time. Delicious!

Autumn Art: children explored the changes in the world around us through the Season of Autumn. We created beautiful artwork incorporating the colours of Autumn.

Downpatrick pic collage: the children created pic collages to show places of interest in their local areas.

Mental Health Week: the children created these amazing posters at home to highlight the importance of looking after our Mental Health.

Meet our feelings puppets: this week we explored the different feelings we all have. Each puppet had their own story to tell, we discussed each of their feelings and came up with ways to help each puppet!

This week we explored Friendship: we discussed how we could be a good friend to others. We made friendship bracelets and a friendship tree in class.

Ronald Dahl Day Part 2: The children designed and created a juice carton for peach juice from James and the Giant Peach.

Roadless Dahl Day: The Oompa Loompas invited us to create a new treat for them to produce in The Chocolate Factory. The treats we designed look DELICIOUS!

Back to school..back to learning: A huge effort by all children this week as we revised our numbers and sounds in an interactive and engaging way.

Bubbles: This week we discussed the bubbles we live in at home. The children used chalk to recreate these bubbles!

World Changers: This week in Nurture we discussed all the different things we would like to be when we are older and how we can change the world within our jobs!

Welcome to Nurture: The children created beautiful Back to School Crowns on their first day in Nurture.