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Mrs Curran/ Miss Barbour P4/5

Healthy Snacks!

Finlay, Shea and Rory have been making such a brilliant effort to bring healthy snacks in for break every single day! They had lots of fun playing with their prize during activity based learning today!


Well done boys!



Happy Friday!

P4/5 had lots of fun using the iPads and Sphero Balls today! The weather was perfect, so we decided that it would be a good idea to take our learning outside! The children enjoyed making shapes, letters and numbers with the Sphero Balls and we also investigated whether or not they worked on different surfaces outside!
During the power cut in school today, some of the children expressed their own fears of being afraid of the dark. We thought this would be the perfect opportunity to read 'The Dark' to discover how a little boy called Laszlo gets over his fear of the dark!

The Dark

Roald Dahl Day!

We had lots of fun celebrating 'Roald Dahl Day' today! We are currently reading George's Marvellous Medicine, so we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to create some magical medicine of our own! We also participated in a 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' themed experiment where we investigated whether white, milk or dark chocolate would melt first!

Our 'Healthy Snacker' of the Week!

Mrs Dean and I have chosen Olivia as our class 'Healthy Snacker' this week! Olivia always enjoys bringing in fruit for snack which is great to see!


During activity based learning, Olivia and her friends enjoyed setting up a pizza herb garden for our classroom!


Well done, Olivia!

Marshmallow Challenge

Welcome Back Primary 4/5!


The children had a wonderful first week back at school and enjoyed participating in a team building STEAM challenge - the challenge was to build the tallest and strongest tower using only marshmallows and toothpicks!


The children worked as a team to decide on the best shape for their tower, however they soon discovered that the bigger marshmallows were too heavy as the tower got taller, causing the tower to fall over each time. They were able to use their problem solving skills and came to the conclusion that breaking the marshmallows up into smaller, lighter pieces would create a stronger tower.


Well done, Primary 4/5!