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Mrs Curran/ Miss Barbour P4/5

Summer Agamograph Art

Fun Day and the Colour Run!

Practical Learning this Week!

The children in P4/5 have found their new favourite games...Boggle and Noggle, and have been competing each day to see who can reach the highest score and win a prize from the prize box! The children also learned how to use a grid reference, where they used these skills to read coordinates and reveal their spellings for this week. They even created their own coordinates for their partner to solve! In Religion, the children were learning all about St. Colmcille and created fantastic art pieces for our classroom! We then finished the week with sports day...and it was worth the wait! We had a fantastic day!

We had lots of fun in school this week and made the most of the sunshine by learning about our phonics sound of the week in the 'Rainbow Garden'. In Numeracy, we are continuing to work hard on division and also learned how to find the fraction of a whole number using jelly beans! Later in the week, we made a special treat called Fairy Bread (which is a birthday favourite in Australia) and then wrote simple instructions so that the children in the other classes would know exactly how to make it! 

Birthdays Around the World!

This week in World Around Us, the children have been learning about how people celebrate their birthdays in different countries, and how these traditions compare or differ from our own birthday celebrations at home! On Friday, we received a special treat by getting to hit 'Pete the Piñata', and the best part...getting to keep the treats that were inside! Mexico's birthday tradition was definitely our favourite and it is something that we all wants to adopt as a new birthday tradition next year!


Practical Learning This Week!

This week in school we took part in lots of practical learning activities, including using an open number line to solve division problems and playing a literacy board game to revise our parts of speech!

This Friday, we celebrated Number Day! We were treated to a non-uniform day and played lots of practical games. We used this opportunity to practise our multiplication and division skills, including playing our favourite one...Shooting Cowboys! Then we played a fantastic game of Bingo, thanks to our very professional Bingo Caller, Mrs Dean!

50p Friday! Thank you to the PTFA for our yummy treats!

Instruction Writing

This week we started learning about instruction writing. We discussed the different features of instruction writing and then listened very carefully to follow step-by-step instructions on how to make a delicious burger! 

This week we practised telling the time by participating in lots of different practical activities! We had so much fun and we are enjoying telling Miss Barbour, Mrs. Dean and Miss Feenan how many minutes there are until break, lunch and home time!

P4/5 Went Litter Picking This Week!

Earth Day - Restore Our Earth!

This week in World Around Us we learned about another amazing woman called Mary Anning - also known as the 'Fossil Hunter!' We loved learning about fossils so much that we decided to make our very own fossils using salt dough and they look amazing!

The Amazing Agent Fifi

This week in World Around Us we learned about another wonderful wonder woman...Agent Fifi. She was a real-life secret agent in World War Two, and the children were very interested to find out more about her life and job. Later in the week, we received a 'Top Secret Mission' envelope telling us that our mission was to spread kindness in our classroom and around the school without people catching us...the children in P4/5 all proved that they would make very sneaky secret agents!

This week in maths we were learning about the relationship between multiplication and division - for this, we used fact family whiteboards, interactive games, and ISAK9 Cubes! We also learned about Carroll Diagrams and created our very own Carroll Diagram by coming up with different criteria to sort our pictures onto!

An Egg-cellent Easter Egg Hunt!

Who Stole the Easter Egg?

For problem-solving this week, the children worked in groups to solve an Easter crime. They used their knowledge of time, fractions, addition/subtraction, place value, and multiplication to reveal five hidden messages and clues which led them to the Easter Egg thief. This activity was lots of fun and it was great to see the children working together!

Feeding Lambs!

Welcome Back to School P4/5!

Mrs Dean and I were absolutely delighted to welcome the children back to school this week and it was so lovely to see lots of happy faces, including two new children who have settled so well into P4/5! This week we read two books; 'Ruby's Worry' and 'The World Made a Rainbow' and we shared lots of discussions about our own personal experiences during lockdown. There was one common theme in these discussions...the children all missed their classmates so much so it is fantastic to be back in the classroom learning again! This week we took part in lots of practical activities, focusing on Linguistic Phonics, times tables and fractions! We also had lots of opportunities to play in our amazing new play park which was very exciting!

Merry Christmas P4/5!

We Brought the Pantomime to Us!

The children in St. Colmcille's have been extremely good this year, so they had a special visit from a very important person this week...Santa! He very kindly gave us a box of treats and DVD to enjoy! Thank you!

Christmas in a Box!

On Tuesday, P4/5 received a new classmate to create some mess, mischief and mayhem in our classroom! But first...he has to 'Elf Isolate'! I wonder when he will escape from his jar?

Eddy the Elf is in 'Elf Isolation!

This week, the children have been learning all about the Advent Wreath. After the fantastic assembly on Friday, we decided to create our own! 

The Advent Wreath

Christmas Bubble Club was lots of fun this week, and as you can see we have lots of amazing artists in P4/5!

Merry Grinchmas!

Mysterious Things Were Happening in P4/5 This Week!

The children came in on Wednesday to find all of the classroom crayons were missing! A mysterious box and letter told us that the crayons were sick of being disrespected and therefore they had QUIT! In order to get the crayons back, the children needed to write a very persuasive letter to their favourite crayon telling them why they should return to the classroom. The children were very persuasive...and thankfully our crayons are back safe and sound in the classroom!

Crazy Colour Experiments in Bubble Club!

Anti-Bullying Week!

During anti-bullying week, there were lots of great discussions in P4/5 which explored the different type of bullying that can occur; particularly focusing on verbal bullying. The children took part in a 'Good vs Bad Apple' experiment where they said lots of kind things to one apple, and used not so kind words to the other. The apples looked identical from the outside, but when we cut the apples open, the children noticed that one was very bruised and one was fresh. The children then discussed the power of using kind words and understood that just because someone looks like they are fine on the outside, does not mean they are not bruised and hurt on the inside!

During Golden Time, some of the children worked together to create a fantastic poster for road safety awareness in response to this mornings assembly topic 'Be Bright, Be Seen!' This sparked lots of interesting discussion about the importance of being safe when you are outside! The children had some fantastic tips on how to stay safe when you are walking to school, riding your bike or playing in the street with your friends!


Well done, P4/5!

Be Safe, Be Seen!

The children have shown a keen interest in The Presidential Election this week and have had lots to say about who they think should win and why! So, we decided we would take part in our own Election. The children were given Election Ballots to vote for the President of their choice and set up a mini Polling Station. Once the votes were in, they counted the votes to show who the winner was! They can't wait to find out who the next President of America will be!

The Presidential Election

This week, I decided to create a display for our classroom. However my cutting skills are not very good and I cut off half of the children's faces accidentally! Luckily, the children were able to use their knowledge of symmetry to complete the other half of the picture for our new displays! They did a fantastic job!


Happy Halloween!

Maths Week

Bubble Club

P4/5 had lots of fun at Bubble Club this week. We experimented with different construction materials to create our very own castles! The children used their knowledge from World Around Us to create castles with lots of the amazing features including moats, tall towers, drawbridges and battlements for defence!

Healthy Snacks!

Finlay, Shea and Rory have been making such a brilliant effort to bring healthy snacks in for break every single day! They had lots of fun playing with their prize during activity based learning today!


Well done boys!



Happy Friday!

P4/5 had lots of fun using the iPads and Sphero Balls today! The weather was perfect, so we decided that it would be a good idea to take our learning outside! The children enjoyed making shapes, letters and numbers with the Sphero Balls and we also investigated whether or not they worked on different surfaces outside!
During the power cut in school today, some of the children expressed their own fears of being afraid of the dark. We thought this would be the perfect opportunity to read 'The Dark' to discover how a little boy called Laszlo gets over his fear of the dark!

The Dark

Roald Dahl Day!

We had lots of fun celebrating 'Roald Dahl Day' today! We are currently reading George's Marvellous Medicine, so we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to create some magical medicine of our own! We also participated in a 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' themed experiment where we investigated whether white, milk or dark chocolate would melt first!

Our 'Healthy Snacker' of the Week!

Mrs Dean and I have chosen Olivia as our class 'Healthy Snacker' this week! Olivia always enjoys bringing in fruit for snack which is great to see!


During activity based learning, Olivia and her friends enjoyed setting up a pizza herb garden for our classroom!


Well done, Olivia!

Marshmallow Challenge

Welcome Back Primary 4/5!


The children had a wonderful first week back at school and enjoyed participating in a team building STEAM challenge - the challenge was to build the tallest and strongest tower using only marshmallows and toothpicks!


The children worked as a team to decide on the best shape for their tower, however they soon discovered that the bigger marshmallows were too heavy as the tower got taller, causing the tower to fall over each time. They were able to use their problem solving skills and came to the conclusion that breaking the marshmallows up into smaller, lighter pieces would create a stronger tower.


Well done, Primary 4/5!