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Sink or Float?


This week, Primary 7 took part in a ‘sink or float’ experiment, as part of their Titanic World Around Us learning. It was great fun and as a class, Primary 7 made a range of interesting conclusions! 
The biggest shock came when Primary 7 realised that an orange will float- but a peeled orange will sink!

Adding an Extra Layer to our Titanic Creations

Titanic Creations!


Primary 7 undertook the next stage of their Titanic replica creations. This stage involved using Papier Mache skills to add an external shell to their clay models. This will add some protection to the structure of their boat, as well as allow them to be painted next week. Have a look a the photos below to see how they got on! 




In today’s Golden Time, Primary 7 used their learning from today’s Advent Assembly to create a symbol of the Advent celebration. They used Minecraft skills to complete this. Have a look below at some of the creations!

Christmas Art Bubble Club


Primary 7 had great fun this week at bubble club- They got to create wonderful Christmas art! Just in time before the beginning of the season of Advent, which begins on Sunday.

Anti-Bullying Week!


In Primary 7, we took part in a variety of discussions and learning relating to Anti-Bullying Week. Our focus in particular was on the increasing rates of Cyber-Bullying and how to be a 'buddy, not bully- online'.


As part of our learning, we animated our own videos, using the Puppet Pals App. This required us to show strong creativity, create a short script and use editing tools and awareness, in order to create our video.


We had a great time creating these videos! Have a look below at the video which won the treat for P7 Anti-Bullying work of the week!


Still image for this video

Circuit Breakers!


With all the talk of Circuit breakers, Primary 7 took the opportunity to create electrical circuits, as part of this week’s Golden Time activities. 

When creating the circuits, pupils;

  • Created full circuits
  • Used circuits to light up bulbs and run motors
  • Investigated how switches would change the circuits (in preparation for next week’s activity)
  • Investigated how the circuits could be made bigger.


Primary 7 found the activity very enjoyable and are looking forward to bringing their learning further in next week’s Golden Time!

See some photos of our activity in the slideshow below! 

Titanic creations on Minecraft!


Our class made some outstanding creations on Minecraft, relating to their learning of ‘The Titanic’ in the World Around Us. They were tasked with creating a replica of the ships external appearance, or else a visualisation of the first class dining/ sleeping facilities aboard the Titanic.

Check out some examples of the outstanding ICT and STEAM skills in the slideshow below! πŸ›³πŸ›³πŸ›³


The USA Presidential Election πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ


As part of our World Around Us learning, Primary 7 took a week away from their Titanic learning to extensively cover the US presidential election (as the parents have no doubt heard about from the kids at home!). 

This included looking at the main candidates and their life stories, the policies most aligned to the two candidates, the Republican and Democrat parties and the structure of the US election in terms of electoral college votes per state. This was done at whole class level, as well as through independent research. Our primary sources of evidence were, BBC newsround and CNN international. 


There was huge excitement in our class, in the days following the election. We intensively followed the live voting tracker and the interactive USA map to keep up to speed with results. The Primary 7 Girls and Boys were particularly intrigued by the ‘swing states’ and the ‘flip states’. 

Overall, the election coverage was immensely enjoyed by all in the class and will no doubt be one of the memorable moments in their Primary 7 story.  

Titanic Newspaper exploration!


Primary 7 had a very exciting World Around Us lesson this week- they got to explore ORIGINAL newspaper articles from the period of the Titanic's sinking. (They were very careful!)


In these articles, we were able to explore the first reports of the disaster, some new information about the events after the ship's sinking and eye-witness reports. We also got to discuss the importance of primary and secondary evidence when learning about historical events.


See some photos below!

School Mass


Primary 7 enjoyed participating remotely in our local parish Church services- in particular, the monthly school mass. It also reminded them of the importance of being together as a parish community in these times.

Phonics in everyday life!


Today, P7 searched through newspaper reports, trying to find examples of the ‘igh’ sound within the newspapers.
It also allowed them to explore the features of a newspaper, as well as discuss some of the latest news stories and what they means for our community and society.

Halloween Bubble Club!


The P7 Bubble Club members had great fun on Wednesday. they spent time learning about the History of Halloween, its link to Ireland and creating some cool Halloween crafts!

Maths Week!

As part of maths Week, we took part in a range of Maths games and Problem-Solving challenges!

Some of these included:

  • The problem solving maze!

  • The Place value dice challenge

  • What’s the Question?

  • ‘How many handshakes?’ riddle.


Bubble Club- STEM!


As part of the Construction bubble club, today the children took part in STEM tasks.


This meant that each child was given a series of materials and were tasked with creating a certain object. The challenges included:


  • Making a 4/6 wheeled car, that moves in a straight line when pushed
  • Creating an object that can spin freely
  • Completing a 'Marble Run', where a marble can run through an obstacle course independently, from start to finish.  


Everyone had excellent fun and didn't want the task to end!


See photos and video below!


Still image for this video

BOUNCE Workshop


Thursday 17th September


Today, Jenna from the charity, Bernardos, came to talk to Primary 7 and deliver a workshop. This was about using BOUNCE techniques to develop resilience and techniques live more positively.


The class learnt so much from this session and loved receiving their own BOUNCE pocket card, to remind them of the techniques.

Titanic Boat creations!

This week, Primary 7 began designing and creating their own Titanic replicas. To begin, we are focusing on creating the ship's funnels, as well as the flags from the mast.


Everyone is very eager to move to the next stage, next week! They are really enjoying this leanring in 'The World Around Us' and STEAM.  Further updates to follow next week!

Panini cards football challenge


As part of our Mental Maths learning, we took part in quickfire addition and subtraction number games, using the Panini 'Premier League' cards. We had great fun with this, as well as with entering the Panini trophy design competition!

The Titanic!


Primary 7 have been working very hard this week in their World Around Us learning, to explore the key and luxurious features of HMS Titanic- 'The Unsinkable Ship'!


More pictures to follow next week!

Roald Dahl Day!

Friday 11th September

Today, we celebrated Roald dahl day. In Literacy, we explored our understanding of Suffixes, by looking at the famous Roald Dahl ‘Gobblefunk’ words, from ‘The BFG’. This included us looking at some of Roald Dahl’s famous Gobblefunk words, as well as creating our own!

To mark the special day, we also had a Golden Ticket surprise, where each pupil got to choose an envelope and see if they found the Golden Ticket. Well done to Rory and Cora who found the tickets and won themselves a lovely bar of chocolate… in true Charlie Bucket and Willy Wonka style!





Virtual Assembly


Primary 7 loved interacting with their first virtual Assembly!


During the assembly, it was announced that Amelia and Dontay were the P7 pupils of the week. Well done to them both, as well as the entire class, for their excellent start to life in Primary 7. 

Sphero Balls!

Thursday 3rd September


Primary 7 had a school exclusive today, when we got to try out the school's new SPHERO Balls! These are controlled using the iPads and can be controlled through an e-remote, or by adding directions and instructions on the iPad.


Linking with our Numeracy and STEAM learning, we completed a range of activities, including;


  • Trying to program Sphero to draw a range of 2D shapes
  • Programming Sphero to navigate around a course
  • Programming Sphero to knock down the ‘Bowling Pins’.   



It's fair to say that everyone had a brilliant time exploring with SPHERO... We can't wait to take on some new SPHERO challenges next week!


** See slideshow below for photos**



Primary 7 Class Charter


To begin our new school year, the pupils in Primary 7 have been working on the development of a class charter.


This involved exploring the 'rights' which we have as a class and as an individual within school, as well as the 'responsibilities' which we must upkeep within our school environment.


The pupils signed this class charter which a 'character handprint'- which symbolises elements of their personality.