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Mr Harbinson P5

Well done to Emily for being awarded her next belt in Taekwondo. She has been working very hard on this every week. Super work.

Christmas Art in Primary 5.

Primary 5 enjoyed lots of Christmas activities as well as opening our Christmas in the box present. They enjoyed seeing Santa before eating all their treats and watching the movie.

Our topic in Primary 5 is Famous Landmarks so this week we have been looking at man-made and natural Lanmarks. We focussed on looking at the Giants Causeway and the Blarney Castle. Using the research carried out we decided to build a model of the Blarney Castle as our STEAM activity. From the pictures you can see their was a lot of planning, designing and constructing.

Getting ready for Christmas. The pupils created their own snow globe art for Christmas. As you can see we have lots of amazing artists in Primary 5.

Today we have looked how we can bring more STEAM activities into our topic about landmarks. We used spaghetti and marshmallows to design and build structures. The focus was on making sure the structure is secure and was able to stand freely. It was a very messy but enjoyable activity.

We have worked hard on using adverbs to improve our writing. We have used a mixture of whiteboard and iPad activities to make sure we know how to identify and use them correctly.

Primary 5 Science Bubble club - Today we built circuits trying to connect a bulb and a buzzer before trying to add in a switch. We then moved onto using magnets to control and move iron filings through cards. All pupils enjoyed the activities as you can see from the photos.

Primary's 5 have enjoyed problem solving using the Sphero balls.

Primary 5 Bubble club - Building rafts

We have been learning about the properties of different 2-D and 3-D shapes. Today we used the GEO board app on the iPads to create 2-D shapes and then label the name, number of sides and the number of vertices.

Primary 5 took part in the BOUNCE workshop this week. They focused on recognising different feelings and emotions and how to understand these emotions. They really enjoyed the workshop and have taken on board the key principles discussed.

PE first thing on a Monday morning is hard to beat. Primary 5 enjoyed taking part in the games and activities set out by the IFA coach.

Primary 5 have been working hard on their times tables. They have been taking part in activities such as Maths Bingo and Hit the Button to try and improve their recall speed.

Today Primary 5 enjoyed a lovely treat while watching our movie. Thank you very much to the PTFA.

Primary 5 Bubble Club making Halloween castles.

Today Primary 5 enjoyed using the Sphero balls to create different 2D shapes. They were able to program and control the Sphero to move where they wanted and to follow the shapes they drew.

Primary 5 creating Rainforest shelters on Minecraft.

Enjoying Maths Bingo.

Enjoying times ables competitions during Maths Week!

Primary 5 enjoying the new IFA coaching for PE.

This week in Primary 5 we worked very hard on lots of different activities. We worked on adding and subtracting using the bingo game as well as solving number patterns using function machines. We also created a digital story with punctuation as well as identifying common and proper nouns. We enjoyed creating graphs and designing our own Rainforest maze game on Purplemash.

Roald Dahl Day!

Making Friday test practice fun!

Rainforest Carroll Diagrams with Miss McCaughey

Rainforest Venn Diagrams with Miss McCaughey

Primary 5 loved being able to 'attend' our usual Friday assembly through Collaborate Ultra! It was great to hear (and see!) Mr Austin talking about how we can keep safe during these times, and embrace the new changes in our school!

Literacy and Numeracy work in P5

Primary 5 worked very hard this week looking at fixing the punctuation in sentences as well as adding and subtracting. Well done.

We think Primary 5 will be ........