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Mr Harbinson P5

Primary 5 enjoyed their fun day and had lots of great memories of taking part in the colour run.

Today we combined numeracy and ICT to go on a coordinates hunt using QR codes. We have been working on our coordinates and we created a map of the school with our coordinate grid. We then had to scan the first QR code which gave us the clue, which we needed to find the corrodinates of the next code. Each clue brought us to a new location in the school before the last clue brought us back to where we started. It was a great practical activity involving ICT, which all the pupils enjoyed.

P.5 Solving Problems through Practical Investigations. We enjoyed going outside today to measure different distances using lots of practical measuring equipment, it was great to get outdoors and practically improve our measuring skills!

Today we were filmmakers and advertisers. We had to plan out our advertisements in groups and find suitable locations around the school to film in. Once the planning was complete we used iPads to film our chocolate bar advertisements before editing them. This was a great way to improve our ICT and our presenting skills!

Finding the Sound of the Week in our reading books through independent reading and improving our phonic awareness.

P.5 making Compound Sentences on Laptops, they have worked very hard at using connectives to join these sentences together!

Primary Five Sports Day, they each had a lot of fun and well done to everyone taking part, it was a great day for all involved!

Primary Five Working on Time Durations

P.5 Sensory Poem Making

Primary Five practising for sports day, they are working really hard!

Primary 5 have been very busy investigating the different melting points of different types of chocolate as well as researching how the different chocolate types affect our senses. It was a very tasty experiment.