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Mr Harbinson P5

Primary 5 enjoying the new IFA coaching for PE.

This week in Primary 5 we worked very hard on lots of different activities. We worked on adding and subtracting using the bingo game as well as solving number patterns using function machines. We also created a digital story with punctuation as well as identifying common and proper nouns. We enjoyed creating graphs and designing our own Rainforest maze game on Purplemash.

Roald Dahl Day!

We made our own book covers for "George's Marvellous Medicine"

Making Friday test practice fun!

Practicing our 3 times tables
Making weekly spellings with a partner

Rainforest Carroll Diagrams with Miss McCaughey

We sorted shapes into a Carroll diagram to warm up our brains
We sorted rainforest animals into a Carroll diagram

Rainforest Venn Diagrams with Miss McCaughey

We played an interactive game to refresh our memories of Venn diagrams.
We sorted rainforest animals using a Venn diagrams.
We cut and stuck each animal in the correct section
Some of us practiced making our own Venn diagrams!
Primary 5 loved being able to 'attend' our usual Friday assembly through Collaborate Ultra! It was great to hear (and see!) Mr Austin talking about how we can keep safe during these times, and embrace the new changes in our school!

Literacy and Numeracy work in P5

Today we used adding and subtraction to solve number bond problems.
Today we added in the correct punctuation to complete sentences.
Primary 5 worked very hard this week looking at fixing the punctuation in sentences as well as adding and subtracting. Well done.

We think Primary 5 will be ........