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Mr Gray/ Mrs Dempsey P6

P6 were delighted to have returned back to school this week, seeing all their friends and staff again! They participated in a busy week of Activity Based Learning and explored all about water, as part of World Water Day. P6 also finally got to see the wonderful new Play Park - which they really enjoyed using throughout the week. For their hard work and effort they were rewarded with a treat as part of 50p Friday! A final mention to our two pupils of the month for March - Eva and Dale. Well done!

It's been a busy week for P6! We completed activity based learning and STEAM tasks. The children had a wonderful Christmas dinner in the hall on Thursday. As a reward for all their hard work, the PTA organised Christmas in a box! The children were also delighted to see Santa and get their treats, they enjoyed watching "Get Santa" DVD. A final mention to our pupils of the week - Michael and Padraig. Well done!

This week, P6 enjoyed completing a range of activity based learning tasks. The class looked at 'Grid Method' for multiplying in numeracy and completed comprehensive activities based on our class novel 'Double Act' by Jacqueline Wilson. As part of WAU this week, children enjoyed creating their own green screen pictures of famous people. A final mention to our pupils of the week - Curtis and Sophia. Well done!

P6 were busy this week focusing on "Reading Week". We enjoyed a range of reading activities and chatted about the types of books we liked reading. We also completed activity based learning tasks as you can see below! After all their hard work and effort they enjoyed the class enjoyed their end of the month treat for 50p Friday. Well done to our pupils of the month - Harvey and Caitlin.

P6 have been working hard all week for Anti-Bullying Week! They focused on dealing with conflict through the use of ICT. The children used an iPad to record their own scenario and address the subject of conflict. You can view this iMovie on our Seesaw page. The class also completed some practical activity based learning as you can see in the images below. Well done to our pupils of the week - Kiesha and Dillon!

This week we completed a range of activity-based learning tasks. We checked our pulse before, during and after PE. We also has fun exploring the nets of a cube and looked at patterns as part of problem solving this week! For literacy, we have enjoyed reading our novel "Double Act" and learning about key themes of report writing. A final mention to P6 pupils of the week - Miley and Ethan. Well done!

P6 had a busy first week back! We explored 3D shapes and enjoyed getting active during PE where we focused on fundamental skills. We also had an informative BOUNCE workshop from our Barnardo's School counsellor. A final mention to our two pupils of the month for October - Isabella and Dale. Well done!

P6 enjoyed completing Maths Week activities. We cracked Roman code, had a times tables competition and played number bingo. For art we then created our own Halloween castles, as a reward for all their hard work the class then had a dress up day and party on Friday.

This week P6 have been working hard completing numeracy tasks and subtracting different numbers using column method.

Pupils of the Week and Class Representatives for Eco & School Council - 18/9/20


This week for Problem Solving in P6 we used the Sphero Edu App with the iPads, we explored sequences and block code linking in with STEAM learning. The children enjoyed moving around obstacles courses and creating 2D shapes, we can't wait to use them again!


This week in P6 we explored  the Minecraft: Education App looking at coding concepts and found solutions through sequences, events and loops.


We used our coding helper, the Minecraft Agent, to navigate around the forest and then coded the Agent to save the village, and bring life back into the forest. 

28/08/20 - This week in P6 we enjoyed learning about our new WAU topic which is all about India. We used the iPads and IWB to research India looking at key facts and information about the country. We then made collages and editing photos using a green screen and PS Express App.