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Friday 25th June

St. Colmcille’s Primary School Fun Day and the PTFA Colour Run occurred today as an end-of-year celebration for all of the pupils, especially the Primary 7 year group who were celebrating their last day of primary school. All classes had great fun on a range of inflatable bouncy castle, slides and assault courses before participating in the PTFA Colour Run in the afternoon before their made their way home looking like  πŸŒˆ 🌈. The pupils were also treated to a free ice cream on their way home 😊 


Friday 11th June


The Primary 4 class had such a busy and practical this week on their return after the mid-term break. As part of our Transport and Travel topic the pupils completed a STEAM activity where they had to make a railway track for their Sphero using only plastic straws and tape - the pupils found this to slightly more difficult than they first thought but thoroughly enjoyed the challenge! The pupils also completed a mini-beast hunt to look for the creatures that we have come across in our class novel ‘James and the Giant Peach’. This was an extmrely enjoyable activity with so much fun exploring our school grounds. On Friday we eventually got the chance to have our Sports Day with the pupils participating in a range of different races and events with the most important thing being that everybody participated and had tons of fun!

First Holy Communion Certificates

Saturday 29th May


The pupils in P4 were very busy this week with a lot of time spent preparing for their First Holy Communion

today (Saturday 29th May). The children were so well behaved and reserved throughout the entire Mass so a massive congratulations to everybody! Thanks also to the children and parents who read extremely well during the Mass which added to the day. Unfortunately again our Sports Day had to be cancelled and will be re-arranged for after the mid-term break, although the pupils were still treated to a slush puppy as part of the PTFA’s 50p Friday. I hope everybody enjoys their next week off and we can all look forward to the final month of the school year πŸ‘


Friday 21st May


The pupils really enjoy the start of the week where they had an excellent PE session with Oisin McManus from Ulster GAA where the focus was on working on their team skills through a variety of different games. On Wednesday the pupils enjoyed an online assembly video from the NI Dairy Council on Health and Fitness which had the pupils up dancing and moving about the classroom. The pupils had a few lessons this with the IZAK9’s where they worked on their addition strategies of two-digit numbers and their understanding of directions. Unfortunately our Sports Day had to cancelled on Friday but it is to be re-arranged for next week instead so fingers crossed we get a better day of weather β˜€οΈβ˜€οΈ


Still image for this video

Friday 7th May


The Primary 4 class had another fun-filled and extremely busy week as the pupils started into their new topic of Transport and Travel leading into the final term of the school year. This week’s practical phonics work involved the pupils using ‘Paint in a Bag’ to revise their words and different sound variations which was very enjoyable and another hands-on way of revising their spellings. The pupils also looked at Alliteration and Onomatopoeia within some funny and tongue-twisting poems while we finished off the week celebrating Number Day on Friday with the focus being on showing pupils how Maths and Numbers are all around us in our everyday life. Pupils took their learning outside on Friday with a Numbers Race to 100 as well as using numbers in our PE exercises and our Daily Mile on our newly installed Daily Mile track.


Friday 30th April


The P4 class finished off the month of April working as hard as they have done since returning after Easter. The pupils are really enjoying learning their spellings through new outdoor methods and this week the pupils had to spell their words using tennis balls, bottle caps, cones and colouring pencils using the different outdoor learning areas around the school. Some pupils also completed a litter pick at home as part of the work associated with Earth Day 2021 and setting a very good example for the rest of us πŸ‘

Friday 23rd April


This week the P4 had an extremely busy week with lots of practical and outdoor learning. The pupils celebrated Earth Day on Thursday by going on a Nature Pick around the school grounds to collect resources from the earth to create their own pieces of art and all of this was done outside. The pupils also improved their problem-skills through the use of the IZAK9 cubes in school and this week they experimented with shaving foam and chalk to learn their spellings this week. The school set of laptops were also put to good use this week as the pupils worked through their individual PowerPoints titled ‘All About Me’.

Friday 16th April


The pupils returned after their Easter holidays in great form and we had a super week in Primary 4. The pupils are working very hard with their Times Tables and spellings - we are experimenting with different ways of learning our words and this week the pupils used pasta shells to make the letters and words of their spellings and had great fun. In the P4 Bubble Club this week the pupils used the iPads and Spheros to paint their names πŸŽ¨πŸ“±πŸ–Ό 

Friday 26th March

I’m sure all of the children were tired after their first week back but we definitely had a great week back in school with their friends and classmates. We had a very practical week where the pupils made Mosaic Fish as part of World Water Day, experimented with spaghetti to learn their spellings, enjoyed Snakes and Ladders as part of their Times Tables work and finished off the week with a treat from the PTFAπŸ‘πŸ‘

Spaghetti Spellings

50p Friday Treats

Friday 11th December

Primary 4 had an extremely busy week starting off on Monday by performing their pieces for the Key Stage 1 performance of ‘The Grinch’. We definitely have a class full of budding young actors and actresses! We also had our Christmas dinner on Thursday (which was lovely and enjoyed by all) and finished off the week by enjoying ‘Christmas in a Box’ where the pupils got the opportunity to see Santa and enjoy a box full of treats and a dvd which we enjoyed watching in the afternoon. A massive thanks to everybody who helped in the preparation of Christmas Dinner and Christmas in a Box as it allowed the children to experience a few normalities of Christmas. Finally, congratulations to all of the pupils who were awarded Pupil of the Week as I found it impossible to pick from such a great class πŸ‘πŸ‘


Christmas Bubble Club


Primary 4 really enjoyed Bubble Club this term and we finished off on Thursday 10th December with the pupils making their own Reindeer Faces - a very fun and enjoyable club with plenty of smiles πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

Christmas Tree

The pupils had a lot of fun through this Sphero Task where they had to work together in a pair as well as a large group to light up their Christmas Tree using their Spheros. The task incorporated our Literacy topic of Instructional Writing and Problem Solving and required a lot of concentration throughout. Pupils had great fun completing this task although at times it did get quite frustrating. We all had a de’lightful’ lesson πŸ˜€

Friday 27th November

This week the Primary 4 class really enjoyed Book Week where we completed a range of exciting activities that saw the pupils focus on the different ways we can enjoy stories as well as looking at all the benefits from reading books. We also continued through out new topic of ‘Celebrations’ with a focus on Birthdays around the World. We ended the week with our Colour Day and 50p Friday which was a great way to end the week - thanks for all the donations for our Hamper and the PTFA for the 50p Friday treatsπŸ‘πŸ‘ Congratulations to our Pupils of the Month for November - Olivia Gracey and Orin Mullan πŸ‘

Friday 20th November


What a super week Primary 4 had this week - we started off the week with our Odd Socks Day to celebrate the beginning of Anti-Bullying week. The pupils also participated in a variety of activities that focused on recognising the different types of bullying while also looking at things we can do if we find ourselves in similar situations. The pupils finished the week by drafting and writing their own Acrostic Poems on the theme of Bullying. Primary 4 also enjoyed plenty of PE this week with Oisin from Ulster GAA as well as exploring the gymnastics apparatus which was very challenging. Congratulations to Kaci-Leigh and Lily who were our Pupils of the Week πŸ‘πŸ‘


Friday 13th November

P4 had another great week in school - we were extremely busy with our independent writing on the topic of Healthy Lifestyles along with plenty of Maths including improving our addition skills and focusing on Weight and weighing various items in the classroom using a range of scales. We finished off the week participating in an Anti-Bullying assembly in preparation for Anti-Bullying week next week and designing our own ‘Children in Need’ posters. Congratulations to our pupils of the week Maci Hamill, Aaron Kelly McCartan and Amanda Prislova πŸ‘πŸ‘


Bubble Club - Parachutes


At our Bubble Club this week made we designed, created and flew our own parachutes. The pupils really developed their design and practical and skills through this excellent STEAM activity and we had great fun in watching them fly and land properly. Well done to everyone who participated this week πŸ‘Œ

Friday 6th November

Bubble Club


On Thursday the Primary 4 class really enjoyed their Bubble Club where they made their own Tornados - the children worked very independently throughout the session and enjoyed experimenting with the different colours of glitter and glueπŸ˜€

On Wednesday the P4 participated in a variety of Drama activities through the areas of Religion and Drama. The pupils really enjoyed ‘Twenty Questions’ during Religion where they had to guess the person on the paper stuck to their forehead - the activity focused on the children learning to ask sensible questions to work out an answer. In the afternoon Mr McKelvey played some really engaging games where the pupils are challenged to improve their personalities and traits in front of their peers - I think we all really enjoyed ‘Wink the Murder’ and the dramatic deaths.

Primary 4 focused this week on creating and designed their own Marvellous Potions as we are nearing the end of our class novel ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’. The pupils had to write about how they would make their potions and then got the opportunity to create and design their own potion bottles.

Our Own Marvellous Potions!

Friday 16th October

Primary 4 had a super week with their substitute teacher, Miss McCaughey.

Continuing on with our topic of ‘Healthy Living’, we learnt about different types of food from various countries around the world. We did some independent research on the iPads and learnt about foods we had never heard of or tried before! We then got to taste a selection of foods from different countries like nachos, naan bread, fortune cookies and donuts. We played music from these countries and did some dressing up! For PE this week, Primary 4 learnt some dance sequences from dance-trained Miss McCaughey. We went outside as much as possible in the lovely weather, and completed our World Around Us lesson on heartrate in the playground. We explored how different types exercise changed the speed of our heartbeat. Today we finished the week off with some Halloween treats and a movie.

a movie.

Friday 9th October

Primary four had a great three days of school this week! We started work on bar charts and familiarised ourselves with this data handling method through interactive games on the whiteboard. We then used our bodies to create a whole-class bar chart on our favourite colours. This week we also managed to make spellings fun! We used Scrabble tiles to work out how many points each of our spellings would get us. We then tried to make the highest scoring 3- and 4- letter words that we could think of! We completed a lovely art activity in our Bubble club on Thursday. We created beautiful Autumn trees using our fingers to create the leaves. The finished paintings are amazing! On Friday we also celebrated our fantastic pupils of the week – Sophia Douglas and Tristan McCrissican. Looking forward to another super week next week.

Friday 25th September 


A shorter week in school but a very busy and enjoyable week; the pupils in Primary 4 have elected Aaron as their Eco-council representative and we have no doubt that he will do an excellent job. Pupils really enjoyed Activity Based Learning where they enhanced their learning through participating in board games, jigsaws and online Numeracy games on the iPads. 

Friday 18th September 


Primary 4 had an extremely busy and enjoyable week with everybody very well settled into their new class by this stage. Pupils experienced their first Drama session with Mr McKelvey and really enjoyed making Freeze Frames of positive friendship and their new favourite game ‘Splat’. In Literacy the pupils are really enjoying our class novel ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’ while in Numeracy the pupils finished off the week with a Shape Hunt looking for 2D Shapes around the school. We selected our class representative for the new Student Council so well done to Michael Keenan - we know he will do a great job representing our class. Congratulations must also go to Kaci-Leigh and Tristan who were our two Pupils of the Week.

Friday 11th September 

The pupils in Primary 4 have worked very hard this week and are now really well settled into the school year. This week the pupils took their learning outdoors in Maths with a Number Trail around the school grounds and we ended the week with a Roald Dahl themed day with a particular focus on ‘Matilda’ in our class. Congratulations to our latest pupils of the week - Poppy and Orin πŸ‘πŸ‘

Friday 4th September 

Primary 4 had another very busy and fun-filled week. We worked extremely hard with our Numbers to 50 and 100 through practical games and activities and were introduced to our writing topic of Persuasive Adverts. In Religion we discussed the importance of being good friends to each other and enjoyed the sorting activities in WAU in which we worked through our Healthy Lifestyles theme. Congratulations to our first two Pupils of the Week who were Olivia and Conor πŸ‘πŸ‘

Friday 28th August

The Primary 4 class enjoyed their first week back to school and everybody has settled into their new classroom very well. We worked very hard on the new school routines, revised our number work through a range of games, read three storybooks and were introduced to our new topic 'Healthy Lifestyles'. On Friday we finished the week off with a very exciting Ice Cream treat.