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Maths & Problem Solving

P3&4 have been taking part in a range of activity based learning to sequence numbers! They can tell you the number before, after and in- between, as well as read, write and say their numbers!

P3&4 have been consolidating their knowledge of subtraction strategies while learning how to create a sequence of instructions to program Spheros and Beebots!

P3/4 have been learning how to sort data using Carrol Diagrams, Venn Diagrams, Frequency Tables and Bar Charts!

P3/4 have been working hard this week learning all about place value. They have been learning that 2 digit numbers are made up of tens and ones and have had lots of practice making and writing numbers to show this.

P3/4 have been learning to compare weight this week using mathematical language. They have been estimating which items are heaviest and lightest. They haved used a variety of non-standard uints to weigh items and after a busy week of investigating and exploring weight, P3/4 have decided that using non-standard units is not that helpful and it is best to use standard units for measurement!

P3/4 took part in a range of activities to learn about the different coins we use for money and to practice making different amounts to buy items.

We made a P3/4 number line to find the missing addend! We loved counting the jumps as we moved along it!

P3/4 have been learning about ordinal numbers by taking part in lots of different competitions as part of their PE.

P3/4 put their knowledge of 2D shapes to the test when they worked in teams to code Spheros to draw 2D shapes.

P3/4 worked with their learning partners to hunt for 2D shapes in the outside learning areas. We recorded our results using tally charts.

We revised our numbers before, after and in-between through bowling! We had to answer questions about the numbers we knocked down!

During problem Solving we made as many number bonds as we could using Izak 9!