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Maths & Problem Solving

Finding and sorting regular and irregular shapes!

Repeating 2D and 3D shape patterns in the Rainbow Garden!

Finding the number pattern using Izak9!

P3/4 used the strategy, ‘Guess, check & improve’ to determine how many counters and other non-standards units of measurement it took to cover a variety of items.

P3/4 have been learning about measuring liquids. They had to race in teams to collect the most water. The only problem was there was a hole in the bucket! At the end they measured the water collected in Litres and Millilitres

Finding acute, right and obtuse angles in the Rainbow Garden!

STEAM challenge. We had to work in teams to build a bridge that would hold 500g of weight! Some even held 1.5kg!

P3/4 love playing the game, ‘Guess the Number.’ We have to find out the number our classmate has by asking questions to find out if it is odd or even, if it rounds up or down and what number range it is in!

P3/4 have been learning all about right angles! They demonstrated their learning by coding Spheros and Beebots to make right angle shapes!

P3/4 have been estimating and measuring length using metres and half metres in our Rainbow Garden!

P3/4 have been having fun learning about fractions through a range of practical learning activities, including fraction Connect 4, Lego fractions and super team work!

P3/4 have been learning how to round numbers to the nearest 10 through a range of practical learning activities.

P3/4 celebrated 100 days of school by creating a giant chalk 100 square to help us when adding 9, 10 and 11! We have also been brushing up on our other mental maths skills using iPads for Maths Week!

P3/4 have been making beautiful symmetrical art in the Rainbow Garden!

Can you work out how we sorted and organised our Izak 9 numbers?

What better way to learn about vertical addition than to become the tens and ones yourself!

P3/4 have been learning about area by measuring and making shapes using a variety of resources.

P3&4 have been taking part in a range of activity based learning to sequence numbers! They can tell you the number before, after and in- between, as well as read, write and say their numbers!

P3&4 have been consolidating their knowledge of subtraction strategies while learning how to create a sequence of instructions to program Spheros and Beebots!

P3/4 have been learning how to sort data using Carrol Diagrams, Venn Diagrams, Frequency Tables and Bar Charts!

P3/4 have been working hard this week learning all about place value. They have been learning that 2 digit numbers are made up of tens and ones and have had lots of practice making and writing numbers to show this.

P3/4 have been learning to compare weight this week using mathematical language. They have been estimating which items are heaviest and lightest. They haved used a variety of non-standard uints to weigh items and after a busy week of investigating and exploring weight, P3/4 have decided that using non-standard units is not that helpful and it is best to use standard units for measurement!

P3/4 took part in a range of activities to learn about the different coins we use for money and to practice making different amounts to buy items.

We made a P3/4 number line to find the missing addend! We loved counting the jumps as we moved along it!

P3/4 have been learning about ordinal numbers by taking part in lots of different competitions as part of their PE.

P3/4 put their knowledge of 2D shapes to the test when they worked in teams to code Spheros to draw 2D shapes.

P3/4 worked with their learning partners to hunt for 2D shapes in the outside learning areas. We recorded our results using tally charts.

We revised our numbers before, after and in-between through bowling! We had to answer questions about the numbers we knocked down!

During problem Solving we made as many number bonds as we could using Izak 9!