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P3 practised using pronouns to replace names today in our Rainbow Garden!

P3 compared items in the Rainbow Garden by adding 'est.' The found the longest, shortest, fullest and biggest items.

P3 had great fun today taking on character roles in the hot seat! Miss Trunchbull was a favorite!

P3 planted sunflowers this week! We can not wait to watch how they grow so we can write all about it in our explanation writing!

We love to learn in an active way! We especially enjoy playing ''Kung Fu Punctuation' to improve our literacy skills! We have to use our 'Kung Fu' moves to punctuate the sentence before our learning partner!

P3 had a Teddy Bear's picnic as part of our recount writing! We got to share and listen to stories all about our favourite teddies! We even shared some pictures and videos!

P3 have been learning all about adjectives. We thought about some lovely adjectives that might describe us and created these beautiful adjective clouds!

P3 had great fun making fruit kebabs and jelly as part of our instruction writing topic!

Talk for Writing

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P3 created a story map with actions to help retell the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Developing our skills to orally retell a story is an important step in becoming confident writers. It helps us to learn about the structure of writing and increase our vocabulary. P3 did a great job performing their first story map!

We use, 'show and tell' to develop our talking and listening skills. Today we learnt all about this boy's favourite toy! He did a great job of speaking confidently and we listened well and asked good questions to learn more!

Primary 3 will be learning about instructional writing this term. Today we were introduced to this form of writing by playing a game that required us to concentrate carefully to follow a set of instructions!

Primary 3 have been revising their knowledge of capital and lower case letters by building them with play dough against the clock, then we tried out our new skills by writing them!

Primary 3 have been having lots of fun playing Literacy games to help them revise their learning of the alphabet and capital letters.