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📖 Reciprocal Reading 📖

We had a reciprocal reading session on chapter 3 of our class novel Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. We each had the role of clarifier, questioner, predictor or summariser. After we’d finished reading we looked at dictionaries to find the meanings to any words we had read that we were unsure of.

👾 Phonics: Real and Nonsense Words 👾

We looked at real and nonsense words this week in literacy. Using our whiteboards we had to read and write as many real or nonsense words as possible before the time ran out on the timer. 

✍🏻 Writing: Discussion ✍🏻
This term we are looking at discussion writing. We talked about how arguments have a for and against viewpoint and how we can give our reasons for both. We had a go at discussing the beach and movies. 

💫Skills: Adjectives💫

We looked at adjectives and how we can use adjectives in our writing. We played a game using adjectives and picture cards. We think our knowledge of adjectives is fantastic. 💪🏻

🤩 Phonics: Sound Dice 🤩

We made words with magnetic letters using our knowledge of phase 1-3 letter sounds. We had to roll the dice to get a sound and then create words using that sound. 

🧩 Phonics Cubes 🧩

We created words using our phase 1-3 phonics sounds using letter cubes. We worked with our partner and independently to create as many words as possible before the timer ended. 

🌼 Playdough Phonics 🌼

We used stampers to create words using our phonics phase 1-3 knowledge. Mrs Cassidy was very impressed with our spelling.