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Describing Aliens 👽 

After reading Aliens Love Underpants, we worked in groups to describe an alien. We used lots of adjectives such as stripy, long, big and sharp. We really enjoyed working as a group because our friends could help us think of ideas and help us spell unfamiliar words. Then we presented our work to rest of the class. We wrote super descriptions! 

Writing Christmas Cards 🎅🏻

We have been learning how to write a Christmas card. We picked a name out of a hat and designed a Christmas card and envelope for that person. Then we swapped cards and read them. We loved receiving a card - it made us feel very happy. Making and writing cards is a great way to spread Christmas cheer! 🎄

Reading Week 📚

As part of reading week, we spent some time in class reading Winter and Toy books. We practised sounding out words and using the pictures to help us determine what is happening in the story. 

Writing Instructions

After reading the story of Handa’s Surprise, we decided to make fruit kebabs. We read the instructions and then designed our own kebabs. We had great fun putting the fruit on the stick and making rainbow patterns! Then we helped Miss O’Neill write the instructions so that we could make them again in the future. We wrote a title, list of ingredients and equipment, put the instructions in the correct order and included bossy verbs. 

Primary 3 Spelling Practise

Following Instructions

This term we have been learning all about instructions. We started by learning to listen to and follow instructions. We played a game called The Elephant and the Teddy. We had to listen carefully to the instructions and give the correct food to the right animal. We made it harder by trying to follow a two part instruction, for example, put the small ice-cream on the teddies ear and the big orange on the elephants trunk. 

Counting Syllables

We are illustrators! 🎨

Bubble Trouble

During our first week of school we talked about what we can do to keep ourselves safe. We discussed that we are in a “class bubble.” This means that we do everything together. We read a funny story called Bubble Trouble and talked about where in the world we would like to go if we really could float inside a bubble. Some boys and girls wanted to go to visit friends and family, others wanted to go on an adventure to the jungle, and some wanted to find a peaceful place to relax. We tried really hard to blow bubbles big enough for us to get in to!