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WALT: structure and highlight the key features of an instructional text

WALT: search for /s/ words using the local newspapers.

WALT: create an algorithm to complete coding challenges.

This week the children were taken through a mixture of unplugged and plugged coding activities. The children were guided through creating an algorithm and we discussed how this is similar to a set of instructions which ties into our next writing topic of procedural writing. The children were tasked with several activities which focused on creating a set of precise instructions to create a crazy character or create a 2D house. Another task the children really enjoyed was directing a car through a maze using playing cards and obstacles. The children had to look at the path from start to finish and then write an algorithm to direct the car out through the maze. Their partner would check the code to see if it was correct or did it need de-bugged. The children also had the chance to develop their block coding skills using Sphero Edu and through an interactive game on the board. 

Michael and Jacob coding the Sphero through the maze

Still image for this video

WALT: use adjectives, similes and metaphors to describe The Iron Man

WALT: discuss the mystery object 

The children discovered a ‘crash site’ of a mysterious object at the Daily Mile Track. They were soon discussing in their groups as to what the mystery could be and where it may have come from. The children made predictions about the object using the 5ws. They then answered these questions using modal verbs such as ‘might’ ‘could’ and ‘must’. Interesting ideas were generated such as it may have been left there by a scientist. The children then related the object to our new book The Iron Man and made suggestions that it could be ‘an ear’ or ‘may be part of his arm or even his neck’. The children really enjoyed this talking and listening exercise.