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Making Toast 🍞

We are learning all about instructions. Today we made toast and discussed the instructions at each stage. We made a list of all the ingredients and equipment that we needed. We talked about how important it was to complete the instructions in the correct order, and we worked hard to complete each step by ourselves. We loved spreading the butter and the jam and we tried really hard to cut our own toast! The best part was that we got to eat our fabulous creations! 

Counting Syllables 👏🏼

We are learning how to count the number of syllables in a word. We clapped, hummed and counted the ‘chin bumps’ in each word. We counted the number of syllables in our names - Mr McKelvey has the most with 5! Next we chose some items from our classroom and counted the number of syllables. You can count the number of syllables in items at home too! 

S, A, T

We have been revising the sounds ‘s’, ‘a’ and ‘t’. We have been listening to the Jolly phonics stories and songs, and practising saying the sounds correctly. We have made words lists, played ‘I Spy’, made letters from play dough, practised the correct letter formation, sorted pictures and participated in lots more activities to reinforce our learning.