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P3/4 have been playing different games including taking part in Kung Fu puntuation battles to practice using full stops, exclamation marks and question marks!

P3/4 made delicious Top Hats this week! They then worked collaboratively to write a set of instructions which included bossy verbs and fabulous time connectives!

P3/4 made beautiful rainbow clouds with fabulous adjectives that describe them. They have been learning how to use adjectives to 'up-level' their sentences to make their writing even more exciting!

P3/4 have been practising using adjectives this week and decided to take their learning outside. They developed their throwing skills by throwing beanbags to uncover nouns and then selected adjectives to match them. They also worked with learning partners to uplevel sentences with exciting adjectives and rewrote them with chalk on the playground.

The Selkie of Sanday

Still image for this video
P3/4 have been listening to a Scottish folk story called 'The Selkie of Sanday.' They have been learning to sequence the main parts of the story through story mapping and drama. They created this iMovie of 'The Selkie of Sanday' to show their learning.

P3/4 first writing genre is instruction writing. As an introduction P3/4 had to give instructions to Miss Wilson to help her make jam sandwiches. At the start the instructions did not go well at all, but in the end they figured it out! They were then able to put together a success criteria of what good instructions need.

We have been practicing our typing skills and learning tricky words!

Phonics Fun! We have been revising our single letter sounds and CVC words through lots of exciting activites! We particularly love using our magnetic counters and wand to practice blending!

Hop Scotch and tricky word revision!

We have been revising our tricky words and bowling skills!