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The children have been learning all about Narrative writing in Literacy this term and for their independent writing piece, they wrote their very own story set in Downpatrick. The children included a title, a beginning, a middle, and a happy ending and even drew amazing illustrations! We are so proud of our stories and even got to bring a special copy home for our grown-ups to see!


Malachy - "Next time we need to remember to add the blurb!"

Cliodhna - "I guess this means we're authors now?"

We can read and write words with the 'th' sound!

We were learning all about the 'th' sound in phonics and learned the Jolly Phonics action and song. We took turns pressing the spinning wheel to see what picture the arrow landed on, we figured out what the word was and practised writing it on our white boards!

We can read and write words with the 'ch' sound!

In phonics this week, we were learning all about the 'ch' sound. We learned the Jolly Phonics song and action and then practised spelling words containing the 'ch' sound!

Easter Egg Hunt

This week, we practised our letter recognition with an Easter Phonics activity. We looked at the list of words we needed to spell and chose the correct magnetic letters to match each word. We sounded out each word and put it in an Easter sentence!

We are learning to read and write words with the 'sh' sound!

This week in Phonics, we learned all about the 'sh' digraph. We practised spelling words containing the 'sh' digraph on the interactive whiteboard and we noticed that the 'sh' sound can come at the beginning and the end of a word!

We are learning to read and write words containing the 'oo' sound!

This week we started learning about digraphs, in P2 we know that this is two letters that make one sound! We took part in lots of practical activities, including using tweezers cheerios to make the 'oo' sound in different words and playing a 'Move and Groove' Phonics game to help us practise reading and writing words with the 'oo' sound!

a, e, i, o ,u...we are the vowels!

This week, we have been learning about vowels and this has helped us identify the correct middle sound in each CVC word. We loved this practical Phonics game where we had to choose the correct vowel to spell each CVC word!

We have been practising spelling CVC words this week and we decided to play a fun game to help us segment and blend words. The three hoops represented the beginning, middle and end sound in CVC words. We looked at the picture on the interactive whiteboard to decide which word we were spelling and then as we jumped in each hoop, we said each sound out loud. This was such a fun way to practise segmenting and blending CVC words!

Let's Go Shopping!

This week we learned how to write a shopping list! We sounded out each word carefully and then used our lists to buy the correct items in our class shop!

Matching Uppercase and Lowercase Letters

This week we practised matching our upper and lowercase letters. We are becoming much more confident when writing sentences and know that we always need a capital letter at the beginning of each sentence!

Ending Sounds in CVC Words!

'X' Marks the Spot!

This week, we were learning about the letter 'Xx' and the sound it makes. During outdoor play, we worked together to use a map and found 'x' marks the spot. We then used chalk to practise our 'Xx' letter formation!

We Have Been Working on our 'Vv' Letter Formation!

This week, we used the Jolly Phonics app to practise our letter 'Vv' formation. We also played a game of 'Eye Spy' to find different items which start with the initial sound 'v'. We worked together to find a van, a vegetable, a vet, a volcano and a vase!


Zz is for Zebra!

This week, we learned all about the letter Zz. We discussed the letter name and the sound it makes. Then we formed the letter using zebra print felt. We noticed that the upper and lower case Zz are exactly the same shape, but one is big and one is small!

'j' is for jellybean!

We can form 'L' and 'l' using Lego!

This week during Phonics, we practised forming our lower case and upper case 'l' using Lego! We are beginning to form our letters for carefully and can also give you lots of examples of things that begin with the letter 'l'.

'O' and 'U' Sort

Meet Dave the dog - He only eats things that begin with 'd'!

Look at Our Fabulous Halloween Costumes!

P2 used their fantastic phonics knowledge to write about their Halloween costumes - we are becoming so confident when sounding out unfamiliar words!

Halloween 'Spell'ings!

During our final few weeks before the Halloween break, we took the opportunity to participate in lots of spooky Literacy activities. P2 practised spelling CVC Halloween words using magnetic letters, played a Phase 2 Phonics game called 'Trick or Treat' and even helped carve a pumpkin as part of their independent instruction writing activity! 

Money begins with the 'm' sound!

P2 are continuing to work so hard on their letter formation! This week, we learned all about the letter 'm' and decided to practise forming 'm' using money! Well done P2!

Revising our Sounds and Tricky Words!

Run, Run, As Fast As You Can!

We read the story 'The Gingerbread Man' this week as part of our instruction writing topic. During play, we made gingerbread men using play dough, rolling pins, cookie cutters, as well as some googly eyes and buttons for decoration! In pairs, the children used time connectives and bossy words to give a set of instructions to their partner so they could make their own gingerbread man. The gingerbread men looked amazing, and thankfully none of them ran away!

I Do Not Like Green Eggs and Ham!

This week, we read the story 'Green Eggs and Ham" By Dr. Seuss to learn all about rhyming words. P2 were brilliant at identifying the rhyming words in our story and by the end of the week, we could tell the story together as a class. We then used our listening ears to sort pictures and words into rhyming categories. Can you think of any other rhyming words to add to our list?

P2A Created a Book on Living and Non-Living Things!

How to Make Toast!

We made toast for our snack today as part of our instruction writing! We discussed what we need to make toast and then orally rehearsed the step-by-step instructions before working in pairs to make our toast for ourselves. P2 did a great job at making tasty toast and they even washed the dishes once they were finished! Once we had eaten our delicious snack, we completed a cutting and sticking activity where we placed the instructions on how to make toast in the correct order!

This week in Phonics we sorted pictures by their initial sounds!

Clapping out Syllables in Words!

This week in Literacy Skills, we learned all about syllables. We had lots of fun clapping out the syllables in our names and then we went on a scavenger hunt around the classroom to collect a range of classroom items for our syllable sorting activity. We found lots of different items that have 1, 2, 3, and even 4 syllables in them. Miss Barbour was so impressed with the teamwork during this activity too!

We're Going on a Bear Hunt

This week, we read the story 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt'! We loved creating actions to help us sequence the story too! We played a game called 'Where is Teddy?' which introduced us to instruction writing this term. We had to listen carefully to the instructions to help place the teddy in the correct place. This game used lots of different prepositions, just like our story this week! P2 amazed me with their fabulous listening skills!

Jolly Phonics - 's' and 'a' revision

The Three Little Pigs Story Sequence

This week in P2, we started our 'Fairytales and Living Things' World Around Us topic. We love the story 'The Three Little Pigs' and did such a fantastic job of sequencing the main events of the story. We even got to retell the story using our Story Sack characters!