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Segmenting and Blending CVC words!

Enhancing Fine Motor Skills and Reinforcing Initial Sounds!

Syllable Jigsaws

Outside Learning: Initial Sound Cones

STEAM Challenge: Making a basket for Little Red Riding Hood.

Recognising and Responding to Behaviour 

During outside learning we worked in groups to sort images, presenting different types of behaviour, into kind and unkind. We always try our best to treat others kindly and show respect and consideration towards our teachers, friends and family. 

The Haircut

Today Miss Blaney read us a story called ‘The Haircut’. It was about a little boy called Kipper who really needed a haircut as his hair had grown so long! We discussed the noises that can be heard at the hairdressers and created them to add sound effects to the story. We also mimed the actions of a hairdresser; washing, combing, cutting and drying hair. We had great fun playing in the Hair Salon role play area. Miss Blaney was very impressed with our fantastic scissor skills. 

Conversation Cubes

Today Miss Blaney introduced us to Conversation Cubes. We rolled the Conversation Cube to reveal a question such as:

1) What is your favourite food?

2) What is your favourite sport?

3) If you could have a super power what would it be?
4) If you had a magic carpet where would you fly to?

We tried our best to remember to speak in a full sentence when we answered the question. Our friends listened carefully as we shared our ideas and opinions. 

Sound hunt - S

This week we have been learning all about the sound ‘s’. We learned a song about a snake who slithered through the grass, practiced the letter formation on our whiteboards and went on a sound hunt in the outside play area. 

Wonderful Self-portraits

Primary 1A enjoyed drawing self-portraits on their whiteboards. They confidently discussed the features they needed to include in their self-portrait such as arms, legs, eyes and ears. The boys and girls enjoyed sharing their self-portraits with their talking buddy at the end of the session. 

Fantastic Fine Motor Skills

Primary 1A have settled in perfectly to life at St Colmcille’s Primary School. They are a kind and friendly class who have approached their new school routine with positivity and enthusiasm. Today we practised our fine motor skills by colouring in a picture of a school. Miss Blaney was very impressed with our wonderful pencil control.