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Wednesday 24th February

We started our Numeracy lesson today with some codebreaking addition sums. Next we revisited the calendar that we used during our last Numeracy lesson. We learned how to find out information from a calendar and then we answered questions all about the month of February. After that we practised our addition and subtraction number families. We remembered that Miss O'Neill's favourite shoes are flip-flops, so we used flip flops to help us write new sums. For example; 2 + 1 = 3 and 1 + 2 = 3. Finally, we sorted minibeasts using a Tree Diagram. Fantastic work everyone! 

Monday 22nd February

It was brilliant to see the children back after their well earned mid-term break. We began by catching up with our news, and chatting about what we did while we were off. Then we read the story of Big Sarah's Little Boots. We answered the comprehension questions and we are getting much better at unscrambling the words to write a full sentence for our answer. Finally we discussed the lifecycle of a person and how we grow. We learned that we can begin the cycle at any point, as long as the stages are in the correct order. For example; we may begin with the baby or the adult. Terrific work everyone, and enjoy the Spring sunshine!  

Wednesday 10th February

Today was our busiest lesson to date! We practised our counting in 10's pattern and looked at February on the calendar. It is a very busy month! We learned about Lent as a time of getting ready before Easter. We discussed that during Lent we may choose to give up something, pray more, or donate to charities such as Trocaire. We now know that Lent begins on Ash Wednesday. We are all looking forward to Pancake Tuesday so we practised giving instructions to help Miss O'Neill write the recipe. Next we reminded ourselves about staying safe by wearing bright colours and reflective materials. Finally we discussed what we can do to help look after the environment. Wow, what a busy lesson! Well done everybody! Enjoy your well earned holidays! :D

Monday 8th February

This morning we began by using our imaginations to complete the sentence. We remembered to use finger spaces and a full stop at the end. Next we read Miss O'Neill's Weekend News and used the recount checklist to evaluate her work. Miss O'Neill included all the features of a recount text and wrote a sentence about a part of her work that she liked. We will evaluate our weekend news tomorrow. Next, we talked about Safer Internet Day and staying safe online. We discussed all the ways we can stay safe when using TikTok, Snapchat, watching videos on Youtube or playing online games such as Fortnite. We talked about Fake News and read a story about Dectective Digiduck. In the story, Digiduck learns that you can't believe everything you see or read online. This week we will make a poster to remind us how to Stay Safe Online. Miss O'Neill can't wait to see your entries! Brilliant work today everyone! 

Wednesday 3rd February

Today's lesson began with some counting money activities. We remembered to always start with the biggest coin and used some strategies such as our doubles to help us. Next we practised counting in 2's and 10's. We found the missing numbers on the 100 grid by following the counting in 2's pattern. Then, we practised counting tens and units. We used our counting in 10's pattern to help us count the number of tens quickly. Finally we sorted using a Carroll diagram. Great work today girls and boys! 

Monday 1st February

As today is the feast of St. Brigid, we read the story of St. Brigid's cloak and listened to her song. We made our comprehension questions harder this week as we answered using full sentences. This made the answer a little bit longer! Next, we sequenced 4 pictures in the story and wrote a short sentence or sentences underneath each one to retell the story. We also practised matching verbs to their past tense form. Knowing how to create past tense -ed words is very helpful for when we our writing our Weekend News! Well done boys and girls! 

Wednesday 27th January

We began today's lesson by revising our work on coins. We chose the correct coins to buy each of the items from the shop and talked about some of the different ways we made the amount. Next we practised our counting in 2's pattern within 30, then 50 and finally 100! We figured out what the missing numbers were in the counting in 2's pattern. Then we sorted using Venn diagrams. Poppy reminded us that we used a Venn diagram to sort the fruit we liked and didn't like during a World Around Us lesson in September. We began by sorting red and not red items, and then progressed to sorting for two criteria; red and fruit. We finished our lesson today by discussing our Grandparents. To celebrate Grandparents day, we are having an art competition. We have to make a card for our Grandparents. I can't wait to see all the fabulous creations! We said a special Hail Mary prayer to ask Mary to look after our Grandparents. Great work everybody!

Monday 25th January

We had a very busy lesson today! First, we chatted about the snowy weather and we told our friends about what we did outside. Lots of boys and girls made snowmen and had snowball fights. Then we read the story of Rosie's Hat, written by Julia Donaldson. We named some of the other stories that she has written, including; The Gruffalo, A Squash and a Squeeze, Zog and Room on the Broom. Then we learned about compound words and thought of some great examples - snowman and snowboard! We did a quick recap on alphabetical order and finished our lesson by discussing Catholic Schools Week. Well done boys and girls!

Wednesday 20th January

We started todays lesson by practising our doubles and counting backwards and forwards within 30, 50 and 100. Next, we looked at a 100 grid. We figured out which numbers were missing and explained our answers. Miss O'Neill was very impressed at all the strategies we used, for example; "it comes after", "the missing number is in between", "I can see it goes before", and "it must be 16 because its in the 6 column." Next we looked at 4 coins; 1p, 2p, 5p and 10p. We discussed what each coin looks like and practised adding amounts together. Finally we drew which coins we would need to buy items from the toy shop. Great work everyone!  

Monday 18th January

We began todays lesson by reading 4 sentences and writing the correct word to complete the sentence. Next we practised our tricky words by playing a game of Bingo. The boys and girls were brilliant at listening carefully for the words that they had chosen. We read the story of After the Storm by Nick Butterworth. We answered some comprehension questions to check our listening skills and understanding. Finally we thought of good adjectives to describe the animals and tree from the story. We even thought of some adjectives to describe Miss O'Neill's dog Benson! We finished our lesson by meeting Charlie, Annie's new dog. Well done everybody!

Wednesday 13th January

Today we began our Numeracy lesson by practising our mental maths skills. We completed some subtraction sums and practised the concepts of before, after and between. Then we revised our 2D shapes by completing some pattern work. Next, we learned the names of 6 3D shapes and found examples of them in our houses, for example; an orange as a sphere, a candle as a cylinder, a box of tissues as a cuboid and a box of custard as a cube. Some boys and girls even found wafer ice creams cones! We finished our lesson with a quiz to make sure we remembered the names of each of the shapes. 

Monday 11th January

As part of todays Literacy lesson, we read the story of the Polar Bear and the Snow Cloud. We used our Reciprocal reading strategies to summarise the story and clarify any unknown words. Then we filled in the missing sounds from words that were in the story and we answered comprehension questions. Finally we looked at the weather forecast for this week and counted the number of sunny, rainy and cloudy days.