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Monday 18th January

We began todays lesson by reading 4 sentences and writing the correct word to complete the sentence. Next we practised our tricky words by playing a game of Bingo. The boys and girls were brilliant at listening carefully for the words that they had chosen. We read the story of After the Storm by Nick Butterworth. We answered some comprehension questions to check our listening skills and understanding. Finally we thought of good adjectives to describe the animals and tree from the story. We even thought of some adjectives to describe Miss O'Neill's dog Benson! We finished our lesson by meeting Charlie, Annie's new dog. Well done everybody!

Wednesday 13th January

Today we began our Numeracy lesson by practising our mental maths skills. We completed some subtraction sums and practised the concepts of before, after and between. Then we revised our 2D shapes by completing some pattern work. Next, we learned the names of 6 3D shapes and found examples of them in our houses, for example; an orange as a sphere, a candle as a cylinder, a box of tissues as a cuboid and a box of custard as a cube. Some boys and girls even found wafer ice creams cones! We finished our lesson with a quiz to make sure we remembered the names of each of the shapes. 

Monday 11th January

As part of todays Literacy lesson, we read the story of the Polar Bear and the Snow Cloud. We used our Reciprocal reading strategies to summarise the story and clarify any unknown words. Then we filled in the missing sounds from words that were in the story and we answered comprehension questions. Finally we looked at the weather forecast for this week and counted the number of sunny, rainy and cloudy days.