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🏠 Home Learning 🏠

It is wonderful to see such fantastic examples of our pupils engaging in remote learning. Please continue to send photos via Seesaw to class teachers to showcase all the excellent work going on at home!

Christmas in a Box

This afternoon, we all celebrated in our class bubbles with a special Christmas in a Box treat from the PTFA. The pupils all enjoyed their treats and Christmas movie. The perfect way for all to get into the festive spirit!

Practical Learning

Our pupils continue to work fantastically in their fun and engaging lessons. This week, practical learning is showcased by P2/3, LSC 2 & P5, where the pupils enjoyed many exciting learning opportunities across the curriculum.

Pupils of the Week

Well done to all our fantastic pupils who earned the Pupil of the Week Award this week. Your teachers are all very proud of your hard work and excellent behaviour. Keep up the good work!

Practical Learning Around School

P2, LSC 3 & P6 have been working hard this week and enjoying wonderful practical learning activities in Literacy, Numeracy, World Around Us and PE!

Learning Around School

This week P1B, P6/7 & LSC 4 have showcased the wonderful practical learning from their classes. The pupils have enjoyed lots of fun activities in Literacy, Numeracy, World Around Us and PE.

Reading Week

This week we celebrated St Colmcille's Reading Week. Each day of Reading Week had a different focus and provided engaging opportunities to develop comprehension skills through whole-class discussion. 

The ‘Wow Word of the Week’ was introduced on Monday to mark the beginning of Reading Week. On Tuesday the boys and girls learned all about the four key Reciprocal Reading strategies and roles of predictor, clarifier, summariser, and questioner. On Wednesday we investigated and discussed story animations and on Thursday every teacher read aloud to their class. Miss Blaney concluded Reading Week with an assembly on Friday. A special reward was presented to the pupils who have displayed enthusiasm and interest during Reading Week.

50p Friday

All the pupils enjoyed a special end of month treat today, with each receiving a bag of sweets to enjoy with their class bubble. Thanks to the PTFA for organising this for our pupils.

Pupil of the Month

Well done to all our fantastic pupils who have worked hard to achieve the Pupil of the Month award. There was also a special prize for this month’s winners, due to their great work and enthusiasm during our Reading Week activities!

Practical Learning Around School

This week’s practical learning is showcased by the pupils of P1A, LSC 1 & P7, who enjoyed a lot of engaging and fun activities across a range of curricular areas. Keep up the great work!

Pupil of the Week

Congratulations to everyone who achieved the Pupil of the Week award with their excellent effort and hard work in class this week. Well done to all!

Anti Bullying Week 2020

The theme for Anti Bullying Week 2020 was ‘United Against Bullying’. Anti Bullying Week took place from Monday 16th-Friday 20th November and began with Odd Sock Day to celebrate individuality and to mark the first day of the week. There were numerous Anti Bullying Week activities organised throughout the week in each of our classes; with the children learning about conflict resolution, the rights of children and producing fantastic posters, poems, comic strips & animations to show that the whole school is and always will be United Against Bullying! Well done to our Anti Bullying Week competition winners photographed below.

Learning Around The School

Our pupils had a great week taking part in practical learning activities across different areas of the curriculum. This week we focused on P2, P4, Nurture and P4/5 to see all the fun and engaging lessons that the pupils were enjoying.

Pupils of the Week

Congratulations to all our wonderful pupils who achieved the Pupil of the Week award this week. Your teachers were so impressed with your great work and excellent behaviour, keep up the good work!

Learning Around the School

This week we focused in on our fantastic pupils in P3, P5 & LSC 2. They have taken part this week in many practical learning activities in Literacy & Numeracy, as well as carrying out STEAM investigations and even making fruit kebabs for World Around Us. Keep up the good work everyone!

Pupils of the Month

Well done to our hard-working pupils who earned the Pupil of the Month award today with their excellent effort and attitude towards their learning!

Halloween Celebrations

On Friday, pupils enjoyed dressing up in their Halloween costumes and were treated to a Halloween party and film in their class bubbles. Thank you to our PTFA for organising the treats for all the pupils!

Maths Week Ireland

The pupils of St. Colmcille’s had lots of fun celebrating Maths Week this week! There were a range of practical and engaging learning activities to enjoy based on Number, Problem-Solving and Numeracy Topic.

Pupils of the Week

Congratulations to all our hard working girls and boys who earned the Pupil of the Week award this week. All of your teachers, assistants and families are proud of your great work and positive attitudes!

Pupils of the Month


Well done to all our Pupils of the Month who have worked so hard to earn this special award!

Learning Around the School 


This week we focused in on our fantastic children in P6, P2 & LSC 3- they have had a very productive week problem solving, taking part in scientific investigations, handling data through ICT and undertaking a variety of projects in constructing , creating and drama. Keep up the good work everyone!

Pupils of the Week 

Well done to our hardworking and excellently behaved pupils of the week. They should be really proud of themselves and their achievements this week.

Roald Dahl Day Celebrations 


We had a lovely day in school celebrating Roald Dahl Day. The day began with a special assembly which provided information on the famous author’s writing journey and his many famous characters and books. Teachers then organised a variety of lessons with a focus on the work of Roald Dahl which the pupils thoroughly enjoyed!

Activity Based Learning


Please view some samples of our fantastic pupils enjoying their learning!

Fun Learning


This week we focus on some of the enjoyable learning experiences that have taken place within P7, LSC 4 and P1.  The children within P7 & LSC 4 have been learning about Coding and Robotics- specifically how to use their mathematical knowledge of angles, units of measurement and direction to programme our new robotic devices Sphero SPRK+. The children were excellent and really enjoyed linking their mathematical, problem solving and ICT skills to complete related challenges. Children in P1 were engaged in fun learning this week learning to develop their pencil control and fine motor skills. They also worked hard practising their letters and number recognition within 5. P1 have had a busy week of learning!

Pupils of the Week


Well done to our very hardworking and well behaved Pupils of the Week from across the school. They have excelled this week for their teachers who are very proud of them. The children were rewarded for their great efforts with a certificate, sticker and homework pass.

Welcome Back to School Treat

The children were treated to an ice cream or slush this morning in recognition of their great work and positive attitude in the first week back to school.  They have adapted quickly to the new school safety routines and demonstrated a great sense of responsibility.  Who said school wasn’t fun? 🍦😊