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Rights Respecting School Day

This Friday in school, we celebrated 'Rights Respecting School Day'. The children watched a video all about their rights and we discussed what children's rights are. We talked about our needs and wants as humans and also voted for our class representative, Cliodhna Mageean! During ABL, we created colourful artwork to brighten up our classroom which was based on a child's right to have a name. We discussed our likes and our dislikes and talked about our individualities. We all know lots about children's rights now!

The Easter Bunny led Primary 2 on a very tricky Easter Egg Hunt today. They had to use their knowledge of segmenting and blending CVC words to match the correct word to the correct picture. We thought we had completed the challenge, but then we found a mysterious treasure map in the Pirate Ship which led us to the final missing piece of our last egg. When we arrived back in the classroom...the Easter Bunny had already left us all a very special chocolate treat! Thank youuu!

We had an amazing day at the Easter Fun Day and the children were treated to a teddy bear picnic, a farm visit, a tractor ride, and an Easter egg hunt. At the end of the day, the children were all in agreement that their favourite part of the day was 'EVERYTHING!'

Autism Acceptance Day!

Today we celebrated 'Autism Acceptance Day' by wearing our own clothes to show how we are all different and unique! We met a little boy called Eli who is Autistic, he told us what his likes and dislikes are and a lot of the children in our class had lots of things in common with Eli, like enjoying playing with Lego and not enjoying very loud noises! We discussed the importance of accepting people's differences and celebrating the fact that we are all unique!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

A very naughty Leprechaun left us a message in our classroom and we couldn't find him we decided to work together to make some Leprechaun traps! We read a story called 'How to Trap a Leprechaun' to get some ideas and then we used different classroom resources to trap Primary 2 we know that Leprechauns love golden coins and rainbows so we incorporated these into our traps. The Leprechaun was too fast to be caught by our traps...but he was so impressed that he left us a special St. Patrick's Day treat!

Happy Grandparents Day from P2A!

Merry Christmas from P2A!

We had some very special visitors at St. Colmcille's!

We had some very special visitors in school today - Mr and Mrs Claus...and some very cheeky elves! Santa was so impressed with the children in P2 and told them that they were all on his nice list (but Miss Barbour knew that anyway)! Santa gave the children all a special treat before he left. We are all counting down the days until Christmas Eve!

Christmas Jumper and Dinner Day!

This is the Greatest Show!

On Thursday, we went on a very exciting trip to the Pantomime at the Grand Opera House, Belfast! We had so much fun watching Goldilocks and the Three really was the greatest show! What a special treat for all the boys and girls at St. Colmcille's!

One Kind Word!

This week, we celebrated Anti-Bullying Week and learned so much about how to be a kind friend towards others! We learned that there are different types of bullying, including physical and verbal! We designed a poster to show ways in which we can use kind hands and kind feet, and then on Friday we raised money for Children in Need and wore odd socks to celebrate the fact that we are all unique!

A Spooktacular Celebration!

Dundrum Castle!

As part of our 'Fairytales and Living Things' topic in World Around Us, the Primary 2 children went to Dundrum Castle. We sang songs on the bus, learned all about swords, went on a treasure hunt, explored different parts of the castle, and even found some magical fairy doors on our Autumn walk! We had the best day ever!

Bike to School Week!

We had lots of fun celebrating 'Bike to School Week' by taking part in lots of fun and educational activities. During PE, we played a game called 'Red, Amber, Green, Roundabout' where we had to watch the coloured cones and listen to the instructions which told us what we had to do on our imaginary bikes. During outdoor play, we turned the Pirate Ship area into a street where the children had to follow the rules of the road by looking out for the traffic lights, Lollipop men and zebra crossings. These are the things and people that keep us safe! We discussed the steps we can take to stay safe when riding our bikes, including always wearing a helmet and cycling with a trusted adult in a quiet place. We also designed our very own bikes at the art table which turned out fantastic. Can you think of any other ways to stay safe when riding your bike?

Roald Dahl Day!

We had a fabulous day celebrating Roald Dahl on Monday! We read a lovely book called 'Colours' by Roald Dahl and decided to create some paintings using the colours from the book, but we only had red, green, blue, yellow and white paint. We decided to carry out a colour mixing experiment to see if we could create every colour from our book! It was great to hear the P2 children predicting what colour they would make!

We Had an Amazing First Week in P2!