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Bubble Club

✏️ Christmas Animators 🎅🏼
We followed a video showing us how to draw Santa on the Interactive Whiteboard. We carefully followed each step and created our own cartoon Santa. Mrs Cassidy is so impressed! She thinks Disney could hire us for their next animated movie! 

🎄 Christmas Art Club 🎅🏼
We made Christmas headbands and masks! 

Stained Glass Windows 🖼

We created stained glass windows using tissue paper, black card and a poly pocket. We learned that the paper will let some let through but still blocks our eyes from seeing all the way through and We know the scientific word for this is translucent! 

Planting Runner Beans 🌱

It’s science week! We planted runner beans using compost. We looked at all the things we need to do to take care of our bean so it grows very tall! Mrs Cassidy is looking forward to seeing photos of our beans when they grow. 😃

Construction Club 🛠

We made buildings, cars and animals out of Lego, blocks and stickle bricks. 

ICT Club 🎤

We used recorders to record our voices so we could play them back for our friends! It was so much fun!

Isla and Grace

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

🕷 Spooky Spiders! 🕸


We made spooky spider hats in Bubble Club! To make the 8 spider legs we had to fold our paper in a special way to make it crinkly then we added lost of eyes to help the spider to see!