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🧱Week 6 - Construction 🧱

💻 Week 5 - ICT Club 💻 

This week the children have had a great time exploring some of our digital devices.  They have used the iPad and interactive whiteboard to consolidate their understanding of numbers and sounds we have learnt so far.  There was also free time to explore the tools on the interactive whiteboard and draw a variety of pictures.  Some of us even tried to write our names 😊 We were very excited when Miss Vaughan introduced us to the Sphero robot.  We used the iPad to drive the Sphero and manoeuvre it around the classroom. 🤖 

🎃👻Week 4 - Halloween👻🎃

This week we completed some fun activities based on Halloween.  We read some spooky Halloween stories and listened to songs about lots of different scary characters.  On Monday we put our Halloween decorations up in the classroom and coloured scary pictures to put on the walls.  On Tuesday we painted a zombie mummy mask and ripped pieces of white paper that we stuck onto the front.  We wanted to use our construction materials from last week to build things like haunted houses, scary monsters and witches’ broomsticks.  We did this on Wednesday and finished our week by creating some spooky pumpkin masks that we got to take home.  We had great fun with these masks and loved playing with our friends! 🎃

 🚧Week 3 - Construction 🚧 


This week our Bubble Club was based on construction.  We had a great time building different structures and creating imaginary role play situations with our friends.  We built towers, rockets, houses and sofas.  What a great imagination we have! 😁 As an extra challenge Miss Vaughan gave us a piece of blue paper that we had to imagine was a river.  We had to build a bridge that went over the water and was wide enough to fit one of our characters.  This was great fun and we had some brilliant ideas that Miss Vaughan was very impressed with! 🤩

🎨Week 1 - Arts and Crafts🎨


This week we were introduced to watercolours in Primary One.  At first, we had some time to experiment with them and compare how different they were to poster paints.  The children noticed that the more water you added to a colour, the lighter it got.  We also started to experiment with mixing colours to see what happened.  Sonny found out that when he mixed blue and red, he made purple.  Levi made orange when he mixed yellow and red.  The boys and girls loved mixing colours and were surprised by some of the colours they created.  We then had some ‘magic bean’ pictures to complete.  We used the watercolour paints to sort the shapes by colour.  On Tuesday we used our fingers to paint and we thought this was great fun! 😁